Who are you really fighting in life? Yourself. Follow Ella on her journey as she fights herself and loses.


2. So It Begins

In life, we all get in fights. With our moms, friends, adults and people we don't like. But we get in fights with our selfs. We lose a lot though. As a society we have our brains wired to say were not good enough. We are. 

So, our battles begin. 


I walk through the halls in my sunny Pennsylvania high school. High school. Wow such a joy. I walk to my friends. All going to our english class. Today we share our poems about goths and death. Perfect. Me and my friends you could consider as gothic, emo and maybe hipster. So we get judged. But who cares. Ok. We all care. We all get depressed about bullying and name calling. We've all cut. Burned. Self harmed. People just don't realize. 


Ok. Before we really go into this story, let me tell you about me. I'm considered a hipster, goth, emo, everything. All the things the preppy girls are scared of. My name is Ella. I am more of a band tee and jeans with Converse rather than preppy skirts or button ups and heels. 

So as we walk into class, I see my crush Bryon.  He's hipster. Gauges. Already has like 3 tattoos. He's wearing a Sleeping with Sirens tee, skinny jeans, grey vans and a bright red beanie.  A long with his ray ban glasses. His emo cut hair. He's pretty. 

If I can score Pierce the Veil tickets on my birthday I would so invite him. He's available which is a good thing for me. Maybe not a good thing for his ex who so desperately wants him back. Total opposites because she's such a little snobby prep. But he's a good judge of character because he dumped her a long time ago. 

So as Mr. Butcher walks in we all take our seats. And I go up to present my poem. 


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