Who are you really fighting in life? Yourself. Follow Ella on her journey as she fights herself and loses.


5. Just Another Cut

I am so excited to go to the concert with Byron! I can absolutely now wait. But I don't know what to wear. I don't want him to see my scars, bruises and burns. I know he doesn't self harm. You can never see scars. And we've talked about it. He always says no he doesn't. I lie and say I don't. This makes me wanna cut to. I cut when I'm stressed. Scared. Angry.  Upset. Sad. Confused. I tip-toe to my bathroom. I pick up a blade. I think long and hard. Do I really want to do this just 2 days before the concert? Force of habit makes me take the blade to my thigh. At least he can't see it...


I pull on a pair of jeans and grab my back pack for school. 

Once I arrive at school, I go to my locker. Then, I go over to Byron's and see if he's wearing jeans or shorts. It's supposed to be warm. And we are going to be active and jumping singing along. He's wearing shorts. So I might. 

As I walk away, Melissa and Mariah walk over to me. I try to just walk away but they follow me. 


"So, word is you're going with Byron to a concert." Melissa says. 

"Well, guess you heard right" I say as I walk into History. 

On the history board in big chalk letters says "ELLA'S A CUTTER!" I am the first one in this class and it is the first class. But who would know....I stop thinking and run to erase it. 

The only person who knows is my friend Cathy. She wouldn't do that. But would she tell somebody...

Well....at least no body saw it. But somebody knows....

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