Who are you really fighting in life? Yourself. Follow Ella on her journey as she fights herself and loses.


4. Fights And CD Shops

After I present my poem, I listen to Byron's. His is great. 

When we walk out of english Byron's ex Melissa comes over to me. 

"I saw you hitting on Byron in english you emo." 

"Ok...your point is...he broke up with you he doesn't want you back..."

She gives me a creepy look and walks away. As soon as she leaves, her other little prep friend Mariah comes over to me. 

"Why are you such a fat, stupid, loser, emo kid?" she asks. 

"And why are you such a little low life snobby brat?" I snap back. 

"Im not. Since you like death and blood why don't you just go cut or burn yourself."

I think for a split second before blurting out " Cant. Lost to much blood already." I pull up my shirt sleeve just enough for a cut to show. "Oh, and the doctor said if I burn anymore I'll need a a skin graft." I smirk and walk away. 


When the day is over I get in my car and drive to my part time job at Jail CDs. Its a little CD shop in the middle of town beside a tattoo place and a body piercing shop. The CD store has non-mainstream band tee's, beanies, CDs, posters. All hipster stuff. I walk in to see Byron looking at CDs. I ask him if he needs help before going behind the counter. While waiting I think about what Mariah said. Her words replay in my head. I sneak into the bathroom and pull out a razor blade I have hidden under the sink. I pull of my converse so my ankle is showing and take the razor blade to my ankle. Slit. Cut. After like 5 or 6 cuts I pull my shoe on and hide the razor blade again to walk out and chat with Byron about how I might be able to score Pierce the Veil concert tickets for my birthday. He says if I get them I should invite him. I think, You know it! After he leaves, I go behind the counter to pull out a small laptop and check on the tickets. And they go onsale in 5...4...3...2...1.  I click purchase and click 2 and get the closest possible. Done. I text Byron to tell him I scored tickets. 


Great.  It will be like a date. 

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