Who are you really fighting in life? Yourself. Follow Ella on her journey as she fights herself and loses.


6. A Revolution

As soon as I get home from school I turn on the news. Some people are about to over-turn the capitol. And it's not a movie.  A revolution here? What? Over what? Then I thought. The past few days people said the president was going to pass a bill that you had to convert to a certain religion. And now a boycott. New religions are forming. And on the news it is saying people have to take a test and choose a religion. Besides normal religions, 2 have been formed. Junnomalaria (Junno-mal-aria) is a new one. On CNN it says this group is forming its group with goals of just being really brave and dark and scary. Ennerleders (enter-leders) are going to be the nice friendly people. I would choose Junnomalaria. 


As far as I know, we will still go to the concert. Me and Byron can talk about it. He just texted me actually. He asked what religion I would probably choose. And I say Junnomalaria. He agrees. So, we say we'll both join that. We could be friends. Then a news flash says you don't have to test. Just choose. And every person has to choose. And they have to live in seperate areas. And It says each religion and what to do if you want to join. Junnomalaria says to turn to channel 17 at 7:30 for information. 




I turn to channel 17. And the information is.....

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