Stole my heart

Kate was having the time of her life when she decided to go to study to London, with her best friend Lucy, but what she didn´t know it´s that her life was going to change so much: new job, new friends and the most important new boyfriend...


5. Rainy day


So when Mike left we had breakfast, i had a feeling it was going to be a relax day so the first thing i did was call my mum and we talked for like houres: my mum couldn't stop asking me questions. When i finished Lucy was still watching tv. So i asked her :

- Hey ! Why don't we go for a walk ?

- Where ?

- I don't know we have to start investigating the area,

- Ok I'll get dressed in a minute.

I swear she was like half an hour in her bedroom. It even gave me time to watch a hole episode of  The simpsons that there were showing on tv.

- Ready !!

- At least

- Sorry for the watting

- Ok. Lets go !

So we left are Little flat and we walked down the stears, we walked outside the building and... it was raining.

-You have to be kidding me.

- Do we have an umbrela ??

- Upps. Don't think so.

- I knew we had forgotten something.

- Well let's go to a shopping centre and then we can buy an umbrela and also we don't have to get wet.

So thats what we did we called a cab and followed Lucy plan. We had a great day. We went to this big shopping centre were they were lots of shops, we had to say to ourselves that we couldn't spend to much money so we only bought an umbrela each, Lucy bought some nice jeans and i saw this lovely t-shirt that had to be mine.

 We eated at Mcdonals, a Mcchicken each and we went back home and rested for a bit cause we were going out tonight.



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