Stole my heart

Kate was having the time of her life when she decided to go to study to London, with her best friend Lucy, but what she didn´t know it´s that her life was going to change so much: new job, new friends and the most important new boyfriend...


2. New flat and new neighboors



It took us less than an hour to get to our new flat. We new it wasn´t going to be a mansion because it was very cheap to rent but we didn´t mind we were in London so we were happy to have a place to stay in.

It was a big building, it had at least 6 levels. Our flat was 1ºD. When i first saw it i thought it was a sign, i love one direction, and we were going to live in 1D !!!

We paid the cab, and got our baggs, we got the key to the flat and we went up the stairs we just got there , when three guys jumped from the flat next door.

_ Hi! I´m Matt. You must be the new girls from 1ºD

- Yes, we are. Hi i´m Kate and this is Lucy.

- Nice to meet you. These are Mike and Tom. We live in 1ºC.If you need any help unpacking we are going to be here.

- Ok, thank you.

The three guys went into their flat. They must be between 18 and 20. I was so exited that I didn´t even noticed that they were quite cute.

So we opened the door of our small new flat. My first impresion was that it was just what we needed, it was quite small but we didn´t matter.

- I love it Kate, is perfect.

It was true. The flat had alredy to beds, an a couple of furniture. But we still were going to do it up a bit.

- Come on lucy, lets umpack everything and then we can go on our first day out in London.

-Ok, but let me rest a bit ( we both started laughing)

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