Stole my heart

Kate was having the time of her life when she decided to go to study to London, with her best friend Lucy, but what she didn´t know it´s that her life was going to change so much: new job, new friends and the most important new boyfriend...


6. Late again

- Lucy !!!

- What ?

- Come on, it's already late.

- Just a minute.

- But there probably wating for us.

- I'll be quick.

- You said that ten minutes ago.


- Lucy !!

- I'm coming.

I went to open the door, Matt was the only one there I invited him to come in. He was wearing a Hollister t shirt, with a leader jacket, jeans and some really nice boots.

- You look really nice.

- Thank you, you too.

I decided to wear a black leather skirt with a cream blouse and some black boots, i looked quite well, so at least Matt wasn´t lying.

- So where are the others ?

- Well, be are running a little bit late so they went to make sure we get the table.

- Oh I'm so sorry.

- It's ok.

-I felt horrible, the thing is that we had plenty of time to dress up, but we didn't realice the time, so we rushed up, but obviusly Lucy doesn't now what rushing up means and..

- I'm ready. Oh Hi Matt ! .

- Hi Kate !

- Come on Lucy or we'll lose the table. ( I said )

We left the building and got a cab so we wouldn't be so late, but when we got there, the boys were outside

- Oh what a nice restaurant ( said Lucy).

- Yes, it's a pitty we lost the table.

- What ?

- Oh we're so sorry, it's all our fault.

- Don't worry we'll go to another place Kate.

- Yes but yo were so nice booking such  a nice restaurant. And  also were are we going to eat  now ?

- Hey ! I have an idea (said Lucy pointing to the Street just across of us) let's go to Nando's.







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