Stole my heart

Kate was having the time of her life when she decided to go to study to London, with her best friend Lucy, but what she didn´t know it´s that her life was going to change so much: new job, new friends and the most important new boyfriend...


3. First night


I was almost finish doing ny make up when the door bell rang, I heard Lucy opening the door and talking to some male voices.

Sudently the bathroom door opened :

-Kate, guess whose outside of our door asking us if we want to go out with them.

- Umm.. One direction??

_ Yeah I wish, of course not Kate, are you in planet Earth?

-Ok, so who is it?

-Our new neighboors?

-Who ??

- Really kate, are you asleep or what? The guys from this afternoon.

-Oh, sorry, so what did you say to them.

-Well I accepted, they look really nice, and they are cute.

- Lucy!! The´re total strangers.

-Kate, come on, they are being nice to us, and we don´t know anything about the city so they could show us around.

-Ok, i´ll go in a minute.

I really didn´t want to go out with total strangers, but i didn´t want to ruin Lucy´s day. I finished getting ready and i went to the door. Lucy was flirting with one of the guys, but when i got to the door all of them gave me a kiss an presented themselves.

We walked down the stairs right to the street, Lucy was still talking to one them, I was trying to remember the name of the guy, when someone started talking to me.

- They make a nice couple, don´t you think?

- Yes, I guess .

- I,m Matt, in case you don´t remember.

- I did remember ( lie ). I´m Kate

- Yeah, i know. So how old are you?

-Well we are both 18.

-Really, you look older.

- Is that a compliment?

- It depends, so why did you come to London?

- Well, i have always wanted to live here, since i was little, when i came here on holiday with my parents, this might sound stupid, but its like i fell in love with London.

-Well it´s not stupid, it´s only strange. ( we both started laughing)

- So whats with you. Are you fram here ?

- No, we all moved a year ago, we lived in the outside od the city.

We talked throw all the trip to this kind of bar. It seemed nice from the outside, so we went in. I asked for a beer, and we sat on one of the tables that were empty. The next thing I know, is that a group of girls came to the table.

-Hey guys, who are this girls?
-The´re our new neighboors.

-Really, well hi, I´m Tania, and this is Carly.

-Hi I´m Lucy and this is Kate.

From my first impresion, they were nice girls, specially Tania, that didn´t stop asking me all this questions, and seemed really interested in them. So at about midnight we decided to go home, it had being a long night for us and we wanted to rest. So we said goodbye and we got a cab home. For our first day in London it was pretty good.

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