Stole my heart

Kate was having the time of her life when she decided to go to study to London, with her best friend Lucy, but what she didn´t know it´s that her life was going to change so much: new job, new friends and the most important new boyfriend...


4. Breakfast


When i woke up the next morning, Lucy was still sleeping, and snoring. So i thought it would be a good idea to go and buy some food. Yesterday i asked Matt if there were any shops near and he told me there was one at the end of the street, so i got dressed and left Lucy a note telling her were i was going:



So when i was already getting there my phone rang. It was my mum, i told her that i would ring her yesterday but I didn´t, i completely forgot. I answered:

- Hi Mum, sorry for not calling yesterday, i was so exited that i totally forgot. I´m so sorry mum

- Ok Kate, i understand. It´s everything ok? Did you like the flat?

- Yes, everything is great, right now i´m on my way to the supermarket to buy some food, and the flat is perfect.

- Ok, i`ll leave you but promise to call later

- I promise mum, love you

- Love you to Kate

So by the time i finish talking to my mum i had already reached the shop. I went in and picked a basket. Really, i don´t know how to cook very well, but Lucy does so i tried to get a little of everything. Starting by today´s breakfast, i got croissants so we would´t have to cook anything.

When i had already finished shopping i went home. The bags were a little bit heavy, so it took more time to get home.

I got to the building fifteen minutes later, i ws so exausted that , when i was walking up the stairs i didn´t see i guy walking up to me

- Hi Kate !

- Hi Mike !

- Do you want me to help you?

- Well that would we very helpful.

( he picked up the bags and walked up the stairs)

We reached flat 1ºD and i opened the door and he left the baggs in the kitchen, Lucy was already dressed and was watching the TV.

- Hi Kate, and Mike

- Hi Lucy, Mike was helping me with the baggs, did you read my note ?

- Yes, thank you Mike

-Thank you Mike

- Your welcome, girls. So me and the guys are going out to dinner do you want to come ?

- Yeah, sure ( Lucy said ).

- Great. I´ll tell the guys

- So where are we going ?

- Surprise, see you later

- Bye ( be both answered)

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