Academy of Change

Angelica has always been the top of the CSA-- an Academy where kids learn to fight crime. But when she is eleven, everything changes with the meeting of a strange and talented girl from Oklahoma who was allowed into the Academy without enrollment. What will this mean for Angelica's cushy spot as top dog?


2. The Mission

      It was my first solo mission! I still remember hearing my name being called over the speakers in the Languages of the World classroom. I jumped with joy, and ran out of the room to receive my orders. There was a robbery at a local business center, and there was one hostage: a four year old girl. Probably grabbed before the robbery took place. She was being held on the fifth floor, just the right place for my excellent repelling techniques. I was escorted to the CSA van, got seated, and was briefed about the situtaion on the way. Once we arrived at the scene, we quickly set everything up, I was put into position, which was on the roof, was given a comms unit, and then was left to my own devices. Which was a cable and harness. I slowly repelled down five of the ten stories, quietly slipped in an open window (man do I love summer!), and started walking toward room 5191. I was almost to the door when I heard a shuffling of feet. My trained ears told me that the feet seemed almost..... young? Did the little kid escape? No, impossible. The man had a gun, and the strength to hurt her. So, what was i hearing? I decided to shake off the strange sound- at least until I got the little girl out of danger- when I ran into her, the one girl who changed my life forever. It was dark because the lights has been cut so I could get inside and walk around undetected, but through the darkness (and what little light the sun provided) I could tell what I ran into was a young girl. We looked at each other for a moment, then I grabbed her and pulled her into a nearby office. As I was pulling her, I tripped, we both fell, and she landed on top if me. I then flipped over and pinned her to the ground. She started to struggle and I was starting to feel confident that I had her completely trapped, so I eased up- big mistake. She took advantage of that and we went rolling around the room. I finally ended back on top of her. She sighed with defeat and said, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm the one on top of you, so I'll ask the questions. What are YOU doing here?" I asked.

She looked at me- almost as though she was trying to read my mind. After a moment she replied, "Probably the same reason you are."

I was taken back a little by her answer. "What do you mean?"

She quickly flipped over and landed on top of me. I tried to get her off but she had me pinned down pretty well. "Oh, you know, little kid, bad guy, gun, strange black vans and people dressed in S.W.A.T suits. That kind of thing." My face probably spoke my confusion on how she knew that, but she spoke before I could open my mouth. "Look, I'll get off of you if you promise not to tackle me. We can just walk out of the room and go our separate ways, okay? And..... don't look at me like that." I immediately tried to control my facial expressions while weighing my options. I mean 'go out separate ways' really? As if I would let her leave after what just happened.


*****AUTHORS NOTE*****

Sorry it's been so long for an update, and the fact that this isn't much. I've been dealing with writers block and also have been stressing about the state writing test. Anyways, I'll try to update better. Hope you enjoyed this cliff-hanger-ish chapter!


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