Academy of Change

Angelica has always been the top of the CSA-- an Academy where kids learn to fight crime. But when she is eleven, everything changes with the meeting of a strange and talented girl from Oklahoma who was allowed into the Academy without enrollment. What will this mean for Angelica's cushy spot as top dog?


8. Roomies!



I walked out of Carl's Hall intent on collapsing on my orange bed, cuddling with my favorite pillow while I think of tomorrow. Then I remembered Amber. I still had to show her to her classes. I wonder where her room is and who her roommate is.

"Hey Angelica! Wait up!" a familiar voice, which I recognized as Amber's, called. She ran up beside me, panting. "You walk really fast for someone who just ate the entire mess hall." she said.

"Yeah, well, I want to prepare for tomorrow." I replied. I looked around and saw that everyone was scattering around the campus. Some were reading books, others playing games, and a few were walking back to the dorms to retire early or to get something. I looked at my watch, the time was eight-thirty, they had and hour and thirty minutes until they had to head back to the dorms.

"I should probably get to my room then," Amber said softly, "I need to finish unpacking...and maybe claim part of the bathroom. Bye Angelica!" Amber ran off toward the girls dorms, her pony-tail flying. She is pretty fast. I thought as she reached the doors.

I still have plenty of time. I decided I would talk to some of the other kids. There some five and six-years-olds playing tag. They would be starting their first defense classes tomorrow. I walked over and asked to play with them.



In the room I finally got everything except the extension cord my mom made me pack, some books and my hair supplies (hairbrushes, ties, etc.).

The bathroom had two sinks with a big vanity mirror. Behind the sinks was four hooks. One hook was occupied by a towel. Around a corner was a small hall, about four feet long, to the left was a door that led to the shower and to the right, a door to the 'throne' {that's what my uncle calls it} or toilet.

I sat on my bed and tested out jumping on it. It's really bouncy! Once that was done, I looked outside. There are a lot of kids, teenagers, and adults here. I don't really know the schedule, but I know that they have to be in their rooms soon (I think). As I look around, I see Angelica sitting with a bunch of kids as some do cart wheels and flips in front of her. She claps and laughs. The kids then start pulling her arm- it looks like they are begging her to do something. She shakes her head and they keep begging. She finally caves and stands up, the kids all clapping, cheering, and laughing. Angelica takes three steps away from the kids. She takes off at a run, does three round-offs, a backflip, and some other things, and returns to the kids. They are clapping and hugging her. From what I heard at dinner, she is very popular or something. I walked away from the window and sat on my bed.

I look at my right hand. It shimmers as though I had stuck my hand in glitter. My hand has done that since I was six, and some other things have happened besides my hand shimmering. One time, I was in class and got frustrated. It was clear outside, then it started storming out of the blue. everyone figured it was a freak storm, so we did our storm drill. Being only seven-and-a-half, I went with what the adults thought. I have since experimented with the shimmer, and mastered some things it can do, but if someone asked me what it is, I wouldn't be able to explain. Like when I first met Angelica, my hand shimmered and the next thing I know, I am on the guys shoulders, he's shooting, then he falls. I had no idea how to explain what happened to Angelica, let alone myself. I flick my hand gently and a small cyclone appears and lands on my palm. This is just one thing I have learned to master... well.. almost. The cyclone disappears after ten seconds. I hear a bell in the distance and slip in my pajamas (I had already had my shower). I will soon meet my new roommate.



The ten-o'clock bell chimes and the kids grumble. I can't help but laugh because that was how I used to be. I do a back-hand-spring and beckon the children to come. They start walking toward the dorms, their feet dragging. I can tell they are tired, lets hope that they can make it to their beds. I take the stairs since everyone takes the elevators. As I approach my door, I hear humming. The light is on, according to the light shining under the door. I test the handle, locked. I unlock the door and open it.



I hear people in the hallways, the slam of doors, the evening talk of everyone entering, and the cautious steps of someone approaching my room. My handle jiggles, the sound of the lock, and the door starts to open. Time to meet--Angelica?!?



Sitting on the bed, that's supposed to be empty, is Amber. Her face practically mirrors mine. We are equally surprised. Suddenly I realize why I was placed in charge of showing her around the campus- she was my roommate.

I gasp out loud. "Roommate." I murmur softly.

"Roommate." Amber confirms. Then I realize: I. Have. A. Room. Mate. After six years in a room alone, without a friend to rely on, envying other girls, I finally have the one thing I had wished for- a roommate, my partner in crime.

I step in the room and lock the door. I sit on the bed and look at Amber. My eyes start to sting.



Angelica is in more shock than I am, and she looks like she is about to cry. It all makes sense now. Headmistress Johns assigned Angelica to me because she planned on us being roommates. Oh my gosh! She planned this since the beginning! Angelica falls back on the bed and grabs a rainbow striped pillow.

I need to say something. "So, I guess this means we are stuck with each other." She nods, rolls over on her stomach, and shoves her face into the pillow. "It must be different for you. You know, to have a roommate." She kicks her foot against the bed in response. I stand up and look at her pictures. Some are of celebrities, others of family, and a few drawings. I pick up a frame with a picture of her family in it. In it I see Angelica, her mom, and two little kids- a girl and boy. I hear Angelica get up.

"Me, my mom-Morgan, Ana and Zane-my cousins. That was last year, when my aunt wanted a picture." Angelica said softly, then sighed. I set the frame back down on the desk. I walked back over to my side of the room as Angelica collapsed back on the bed. Sitting on my bed, I think about where I would place some of the pictures I brought from home. It hadn't taken me long to realize that Angelica's dad was in none of the family pictures. I wanted to ask, but I knew better than to ask something so personal. She will tell me if she wants to.

I pull out a book and started reading. I hear a knock at the door. I look over at Angelica, she doesn't even twitch. She's asleep. I get up and open the door. A woman is there and asks if I have settled okay and says that if I need anything she will be at the front desk, her name is Courtney. I tell that I'm fine and thank her for being so kind. I turn to Angelica after I close the door. She had taken her shoes off. Her feet hung off the edge of the bed. I needed to get her under the covers. Either that or leave her be. Time to see if my temporary wind can lift people. I lift my hand slowly, Angelica rises, it's working! I leave my hand up and pull the covers back and lower my hand. Angelica rests on the bed, and I cover her. I feel ecstatic. I was able to master the power long enough to do something helpful.

I decide that I've done enough for the night, besides, I'm exhausted. I climb into bed and go straight to sleep.

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