Academy of Change

Angelica has always been the top of the CSA-- an Academy where kids learn to fight crime. But when she is eleven, everything changes with the meeting of a strange and talented girl from Oklahoma who was allowed into the Academy without enrollment. What will this mean for Angelica's cushy spot as top dog?


7. New Room and Supper



Angelica left to go finish a test, leaving me to talk to Camilla. I walk up to a desk that has a ton -I'm estimating 3000 or so- of mailboxes. Behind the desk, typing away at a computer is a woman -she looks like she is in her early 20's- with black hair, and light chocolate skin. She is wearing a soft pink blouse and a flower in her hair.

"Hello." I say timidly. I'm so shy sometimes.

She looked up and smiled at me. Her eyes are emerald green and she looks very friendly. "Hello, dear. My name is Camilla. I don't believe I have seen you around here before." I nod. "Let me guess," she says and starts typing on her computer again, "You're Amber, right?" I nod again as she hands me a black lanyard with a key on it. "Room 150, first floor. There is an elevator and stairs. From the elevator it's two door down and on the right; for the stairs fives doors and on the left. Julio and Richard put you stuff up there for you. I will ring the bell at five-forty-five to let you and everyone else know its time to go." She hands me a sheet of paper. " Fill this out when you can and return it. its just to let us know that you are settled."

I take the paper and walk toward the stairs. I hike up to the first floor and open the door to the hall. It looks like I just walked into a hotel. Okay, let's see. Room 150..150...15- here it is! I open the door and walk in. There's two beds, two desks, two closets, and two chests-of-drawers (next to the closet). There is a window and a double nightstand separating the two twin beds.

The side on the right- the one closest to the bathroom- is decorated with pictures, books, posters, and other things. The desk is neatly organized. The bed is bright orange with some hot pink on the other side, a few pillows and a chest at the foot. The room is spotless, unlike my room at home, and extremely organized.

The left side of the room, my side, is basically empty. My bags and a few other things are neatly stacked along the side of the bed and wall. I start by unpacking my clothes and alarm clock- to watch the time. The school had provided hangers for my 'street clothes.' I hang some of those up and place my other clothes (not very much) in the drawers. Once that was out of the way, I started on the bed. It is pink and purple polka-dots. Once my bed is made, I place my school supplies on my desk. I had started arranging them when I heard a bell. I slip into the bathroom and pull my hair back in a pony-tail.  I walk out of my room, down the stairs, and toward Carl's Hall.


Walking up to the green-roofed building, I felt intimidated. Everyone practically looked the same. As I got closer, I saw Angelica standing in a line with a few other girls. I walked up to her and waved. The other girls whispered something to her and she glared at them.

"Hey, Amber. Come stand by me. Oh, and this is Rai and Mo." she said, motioning to them, "They are part of the upper part of the school -the TSA." The girls waved.

"So you're the new girl who stole the Repelling Angel's thunder." said Rai, "Nice going. I'm Raila, and this is my girl Monique." she motioned to Mo. Rai and Mo both had blonde hair and blue eyes, and were tall. Mo's hair was shoulder length, held back by a clip, and Rai's was pulled in a ballet bun with her bangs curled under.

"Nice to meet you." I replied. A bell rang and the girls moved away.

"We're not supposed to be in the CSA line after the bell rings," Mo explained, "See you later." Mo and Rai walked over to the line that consisted of teenagers and started talking.

The doors opened and the line in front of me started to steadily move forward. No one said a word as they filed into the building. It was incredible! The only way I could even describe it would be Hogwarts style. There were some chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the light casting a warm, steady, and homey glow. I followed Angelica to what I figured was our table and sat. No one said a single word for about five minutes, it felt  like forever. Finally, Headmistress Johns stands up and walks to a podium with some papers in her hand.

"Good evening students!" the Headmistress said cheerfully, "Today the announcements will be shorter than usual." She then started making the announcements.



Amber seemed uncomfortable throughout the announcements. All Headmistress Johns did was say that the gymnastics meet, dance competition and practice, and repelling classes were all going on as planned. Gymnastics, hands-on combat, and repelling were my favorite classes. When the Headmistress finished the announcements, Amber seemed to relax more.

For dinner it was chicken with potatoes, gravy, and the usual salad bar. I got a helping of everything from the salad bar -except for the corn on the cob- and sat down. Amber sat next to me with very little on her plate, and started eating slowly. By this time, everyone in Carl's Hall had started the regular gossip chain, which included bits and pieces about Amber, as well as regular conversations. I had just taken a bite of potatoes when Molly James poked me.

"So, 'Lica, I heard you got stuck on tour duty. Sucks to be you." She said. Molly is fifth on the school rankings, and she is always trying to be first- which is my spot.

"So what, Mol? It's not like showing a new kid around will hurt my grades." I replied after drinking some water. Molly made a face. "Oh what now?"

"You better watch you back, Vongerie, because I will be number one." Molly said with a wicked look in her eyes.

"Molly Kay James!" someone said, "You won't make it to the top with that attitude." I turned my head and across the table was a girl with blonde hair, her blue eyes staring at us intently.

"Says the girl who's number three!" retorted Molly. By this time, Amber and a few others were watching us.

The blonde just shook her head, "I'm not here to discourage your dreams or anything, but you still have a ways to go." With that, Molly got up and left. Now she turned to me. "Molly means well, it's just that she is too excitable."

"Thanks for standing up for Angelica." Amber said grinning slightly. "I'm Amber."

"It was nothing," she replied, "My name is Nicolette. Nicolette Johnson. Nice to meet you."

Nicolette Johnson? Now I knew her. I've seen her dance at competitions and pretty much anywhere around the campus. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail and held back with a ribbon. Her bangs were cut just above her eyebrows. Her light skin was clear without even a mole to blemish it, whereas I have a few light freckles across my nose.

"Yeah, thanks." I mumbled and went back to eating. Throughout the meal Amber and Nicolette talk some, then she would turn and talk to her roommate/partner, a girl with a dark tan complexion, light brown eyes, and chocolate brown hair. I was ready to go back to my room and sleep, when the dismissal bell rang, leaving us free to do whatever we wished until ten-o'clock, then we had to be in our rooms by ten-thirty.

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