Academy of Change

Angelica has always been the top of the CSA-- an Academy where kids learn to fight crime. But when she is eleven, everything changes with the meeting of a strange and talented girl from Oklahoma who was allowed into the Academy without enrollment. What will this mean for Angelica's cushy spot as top dog?


6. Learning the Campus



My mouth is hanging open as Amber gets out of the limo. She looks stunning- did I really just say that??- and I hated it. She was wearing regular clothes-- jean capris, a blueish-gray shirt that read Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, the front of her hair was swept off to one side (the right) and it was hanging stright down and pulled part over her shoulder and part down her back, she had a hair tie on her wrist, and her shoes- how am I not surprised?- were the same Asics that I first saw her in. She walked toward us with purpose and a hint of nerves. The Headmistress smiled and took her hand.

"Amber, thank you so much for considering and accepting my offer. I am overjoyed to have such a prominent student with my school." she said. My eyes flashed between them. She invited Amber to be here. "I believe you have met Angelica." she said motioning to me. "Angelica will be showing you around the campus." Oh, goodie..

"Yes, I remember her. Hello, Angelica." Amber replies, lifting her hand in a mini wave. Her eyes scan my uniform, clearly concerned. Is it wrinkled? I straighten it when she says, "Headmistress? Do I have a uniform?"

"Yes, but not at this moment. You must be fitted for it. You are allowed to wear those clothes until you are fitted. Your schedule for such events can be found in your dorm." Amber was about to say something when Headmistress Johns cut her off, "All the girls dorms are together. Angelica will show you the building. Just go inside and someone will assist you. Now go on girls. I will see you at Carl's Hall at six-o'clock sharp."

I salute and walk away. Amber follows suit (surprisingly well) and comes with me. Once we are juxtapose, I can see that she is not walking in formation. Just as I was about to tell her,she asks,  "What is Carl's Hall?"

"It's the name of the mess hall. A man named Carl donated money for it, so the Academy named it after him. We meet at six every evening, are seated, then wait for announcements. Once the announcements are done, we line up -one table at a time- and get our food. Occasionally we are allowed to eat outside." I reply. "It's that building over there," I point it out, "with the green roof." We continue around the campus and soon make it to the girls dormitories.

"Is that building with the black and white stripes the boys dorms?" She asks pointing out the building across the garden zone. The garden zone is just an expanse of grass with a few benches and tables -and a few trees- between the girls and boys dormitories.

"Yes, it is. This building is for girls." I say, indicating the building we just walked up to. The first girls had painted the roof sky-blue and white in swirls. I check my watch. "It's five-thirty," I say, leading inside, "check with Camilla over there for your dorm number, floor, and so on. I have to go to the library and make up a test. Remember-- Carl's Hall, six-o'-clock." I salute (and she mimics me) and leave. I sure hope Madame Desrochers will let me make up the test.


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