Academy of Change

Angelica has always been the top of the CSA-- an Academy where kids learn to fight crime. But when she is eleven, everything changes with the meeting of a strange and talented girl from Oklahoma who was allowed into the Academy without enrollment. What will this mean for Angelica's cushy spot as top dog?


4. Enter Amber


"Hey Rosie! How ya feelin'?" She said as she ignored my stare.

"I'm good, but kinda shaken. Can you get me a Kool-Aid?" She glanced off to the side at me as she spoke. I wondered what was going though her mind.

"Maybe in a minute, okay Rosie?" Rose started to pout at that. To which the girl replied, "Okay, fine. Give me a moment." She threw up her hands and walked toward a car. I decided to follow, hoping to get to speak with her.

She got to the car and turned. "Oh, hey, Angelica! How's it goin'?" I was taken back on how bubbly she was toward me.

"Uhh, I'm okay, but how do you know my name, when I don't know yours?" She grabbed a three Kool-Aid bottles out of the car and offered one to me as I spoke. I took the bottle and opened it.

"That's good. You know, I was hoping you liked Kool-Aid." she said as she opened hers, "Oh, and I know your name because you told Rosie over there. I hid in the corner of the room when you ran in. Scared me some. You know, you're shorter than I thought." She started walking back toward Rose.

"I am not short." I replied, "Okay, so you know my name. What's yours?" She walked over to Rose and handed her the Kool-Aid, whispered something to her and returned to me.

"Walk with me Angelica?", she started walking so I followed. "My name's Amber. That little girl back there, is my little sister, Rose. I have some other siblings, but they couldn't come- or just didn't want to." She sighed and shook her head. Immediately I felt almost bad for the girl- I mean- Amber. She was the only sibling that showed up to care for her sister- and sadly (for me), rescue her. I shrugged off my feelings for a moment and got serious as I finished my Kool-Aid.

"Thank you for the drink. But, I was wondering. Were you the one who knocked him out? Where did you get the handcuffs? How did you get around in the room without me detecting you?" She laughed at I quickly rambled out my questions. "What?"

"Nothing. It's just," she stifled a laugh, "I thought that you were the professional around here. Okay, in order: Yes; my friends' dad; and thats classified. Any other questions Miss Angelica?" She seemed to be debating wether or not to be sassy, sarcastic, or nice.

"Okay, so, you knocked that man out, got some handcuffs from a friends' dad, and you won't tell me how you were able to sneak around the room. That's nice." I sat down on the bed on a pick-up that was next to us. She sat as well.

"That's right." she replied smiling. I was about to ask her some more questions when I hear a familiar voice.

"Brilliant job girls! Just brilliant!" I looked up to see Headmistress Johns walking toward us. I quickly jumped up and gave the Academy Salute (which is pretty much what you see the Power Rangers: SPD do *Im such a weirdo*). Amber, on the other hand just sat there looking us up and down. "Well, I do believe that you girls look incredible together!"

Amber and I looked at each other. Her eyes spoke it all: What does she mean? I shrugged and she spoke up. "What do you mean Ms.?" I couldn't believe what was happening. She just spoke to the Headmistress without permission.

Headmistress Johns just laughed and said, "Amber, dear, would you walk with me please?" She looked shocked that the Headmistress knew her name, but nodded anyway and walked away with her.



First I risk my life to save my little sister. Then a girl named Angelica comes in and takes charge (which I didn't mind). I get Rosie out of there and so Angelica starts questioning me. I figured she was a professional because of the way she acted, but really, she was just another kid like me who lived a different life. The way she rambled her questions was hilarious! It took everything to keep from completely laughing. Though one of the questions caught me off gaurd- How did I get around the room without being detected (or something like that). Honestly, I had to get smart, with that. I don't need her knowing what I can't explain to myself. Then a woman walks over and Angelica does a Power Ranger salute, which I didn't understand, and the woman asks me to walk with her. Of course, I won't refuse authority, I was raised better. So I walked away from a jaw-dropped Angelica, didn't understand why.

When we were out of hearing range she turned to me. "Amber, you were very brave taking on one of my best agents. I'm sure she was as surprised as I was at your strength." One of her best-? No, that's crazy. Angelica, who seems my age, an agent? She seemed to notice I was having an inner war with myself so she spoke again. "Amber, I know this sems outragous. I assure you, what I am about to offer you is once in a life time."

"Look, Ms, I'm not trying to be rude, but can you explain this stuff to me? I'm getting confused." She smiled and nodded. She motioned for me to sit, so I did. "I would like for you to consider joining the CSA Academy. If you become a student, I'm sure your potential will be fulfilled. Also, I will tell you something no one else knows about me." She leaned in, "My name is Margla Johns. You are the first to know my name in about 27 years." I was in shock that she trusted me with something that big. She leaned back. "So, you see Amber, I believe you are trustworthy. If you do join the Academy, though, you will have a dorm and roommate. The dorm is only if you don't want your parents to drive you back and forth to school- depending on where you live." She handed me a booklet and patted my hand. "I truely hope you consider joining us." With that, she got up and walked away. She stopped in front of Angelica and motioned for her to come. Rosie ran over to me and said mom was here to pick us up. I picked Rose up and walked toward the car, my head reeling from what just happened.

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