Academy of Change

Angelica has always been the top of the CSA-- an Academy where kids learn to fight crime. But when she is eleven, everything changes with the meeting of a strange and talented girl from Oklahoma who was allowed into the Academy without enrollment. What will this mean for Angelica's cushy spot as top dog?


5. A New Kid and A Sad Goodbye



"You did what?" I was to shocked to even believe what I had been told- there was going to be a new kid. Guess who was chosen to she him/her around? ME! Standing in the Headmistress's office, hoping for a mission (or something better) and finding out that you will have to show the new kid around. I'm pretty upset, I'm not going to lie. This will really affect my grades, not to mention that I will miss my Foreign Languages test..... wait, nevermind... this just might work for me. "I'm sorry for my outburst Ma'am. I was just in shock. I will be happy to show the new kid around. When will they get here? Can I have a name? What are they li-" She cut me of with one of her famous 'shut up' stares.

"I am glad that you are looking forward to escorting them around until they become comfortable with the Academy. They will be here shortly. I have decided that for the time, I will keep their identity and other information confidential. I would advise that we head toward the front lawn now. Come, dear." She took my arm and we walked out of her office. That is the closet, longest, and strangest connection between us in......well, ever. She has never spoken to me like that, let alone taken my arm. This new kid must have really put her in a good mood- which is good, but it makes me wonder who the new kid is. We get out onto the front steps of the Academy just as a large, black limousine is pulling through the front gates. It slowly makes it way down the drive. I start to dread the moment the kid got out. As the limo pulls to a stop in front of the steps, the Headmistress starts gliding down as if she isn't even walking at all. I follow because I didn't want to stay at the top by myself.

The driver stands by the door, looking toward the Headmistress anxiously. She smiles and nods slightly. He nods back and opens the door. My jaw drops. The Headmistress says, "Welcome to CSA Academy!" with a large smile on her face. I cannot believe this. I feel like fainting.



My parents said I could go! My older siblings, Jayden (Jade,15) and Skyler (Sky, because he hates his name, 13), roll their eyes at my excitement. My younger siblings, Michael (8) and Rose (Rosie, 4), don't really understand why I'm excited about going to a new school but are happy for me anyways. Ah, family. Being a middle child is awesome, but at the same time, kinda sucks. As I pack my bags (with Rosie's help), I start to feel sorry for my little youngies (that's what I call the younger half of my family). They won't really have anyone to stand up for them when I'm gone. I sigh, because I know that I'll miss 'em. After about ten minutes of folding, stacking, labeling, and packing, Rosie gets up and turns on my IPod to her favorite song: I Got Nerve by Hannah Montana. She walks back over to my bed jamming out the adorable way the 4 year-olds do. I laugh as she sits back down on my bed and starts helping me pack again.

About three hours later, I'm all packed and have had to convince my little sister to climb out of a suitcase (so she can come with me) about a hundred plus times. We all stand out on the front porch as we see the limousine coming down the blacktop road. The closer it gets to the farm, the more the youngies start to beg me not to go with tears forming in their eyes. Even Jade and Sky start to tear up. My mom lost it long ago and is in the house being comforted by my dad. They both walk out as the limo pulls into the gravel driveway. As it stops, I start to feel my eyes blur. I couldn't let them see me cry. I blink back the tears as the driver steps out and collects my things. Once my things are loaded into the limo, the driver stands by the door and motions for me to come. I stare at him for a moment, my mind reeling about how my life is about to change. He nods in understandment and turns his back toward me. Rosie immediately hugged me, tears streaming down her face. I tried to stay strong for her sake, I wanted to tell her everything will be okay, but I was worried that my voice would waver. Michael hugs me, his face streaked with tears. I ruffle his hair and he hugs me tighter. I fall to my knees to hug the two youngies properly. I feel someone join in on the hug. I turn and see Jade on her knees with tears about to spill over. That was all it took- I started crying. I couldn't hold it in. I cried like a baby. Sky pulled Michael and Rosie off of me, and pulled Jade and I to our feet. He hugged me so tightly that I thought he wouldn't let me live to leave. He pulled away, looked me dead in the eyes, and nodded- his way of saying I'll miss ya. He then became the adult and pushed everyone except my parents and I inside.

Standing there, alone with my parents, made me realize how much I will miss them-mom's cooking, dad's constant picking on me, even their bickering. Mom's eyes were puffy from all of the crying. Dad stood tall (or tried to) with some water forming aroun' his deep blue eyes. I hugged him first- just so I could break down with my mom and not get his shirt wet- bacause he had to go out and work after I left. I pulled away and hugged mom. She was a little taller than me at this point, and I felt her strong arms wrapped around me. In that moment, I wished that everything went back into reverse- that Rosie hadn't been held hostage, that I hadn't met Angelica, that anything had happened- I just wanted to stay home with my family. My mom finally let go, with tears streaming down her face. I kissed her and dad and slowly started walking toward the limo (which was about 5-10 feet away). I heard the house door open as my siblings came back out, I smelled the air- it smelled of my dads cattle, I noticed that everything was so beautiful at my house, but mostly, as I got to the door and the driver opened it, I heard little footsteps running after me. I felt Rosie's arms around me from the back. She let go and I turned to her. I didn't even have to say a word, and she gave me a big hug and a kiss and ran back to the house. I stood there for a moment, taking in the life I had. I see my family united in a way that I had never seen- or noticed- until now. I waved as I said, "Goodbye! I love you! Take care!" With that, I climbed into the limo. As it pulled away from the house I layed down. I started crying, and fell asleep soon after.

**A long limo ride later**

"Hey, kid. Wake up." I woke up with a start. It took a moment to realize where I was. "Look out the window, and welcome to the CSA Academy." I looked out the window as instructed and saw a humongous building surrounded by a wall with a gate. My mouth dropped in awe. The school was huge! I looked at the surroundings leading up to the front gate- a beauty shop, clothing store, bakery, a few restaurants, a pizza place (PIZZA!!!!), an E-Z-Go, a few houses, and a Braum's. From the looks of the place, the school was located in a town all its own. We pull up to the main gate, the driver says some kind of code, the gates open and we pull on through.

The campus was breathtaking. Manicured lawns, trimmed hedges shaped like animals, a small, crystal-clear pond surrounded by trees and flowers- even a few benches, benches scattered about for students to sit on (some being used), and many walkways with signs. With the sun shining down, the Academy grounds looked like heaven to me.

 The closer we got to what the driver called the Main Hall, I saw some figures standing at the top of some steps. One tall, and one smaller. Soon, we were close enough to make out the people on the steps. Let's see, the Headmistress Margla (only I know her name) Johns, and- my jaw dropped- Angelica. She was wearing a black, blue, and white uniform that was in perfect shape. The driver had mentioned that someone was assigned to be my guide until I was familiar with the campus- which won't take long because I am a fast learner. Ms. Johns- oops!- Headmistress Johns and Angelica start walking down the steps as the limo pulls up and stops. The driver tells me that my belongings will be taken to my room- wherever that is- and gets out. He walks around to my door and stands there for a moment. The Headmistress smiles and slightly nods. I take a deep breath as the driver nods back and opens the door. The sunlight blinds me as I hear, "Welcome to the CSA Academy!" As I eyes adjust I see a jaw-dropped Angelica- why must her jaw drop every time I see her?- and a smiling Headmistress. I think to myself: This is it. My new life begins, now.



This chapter got to me- alot. I don't have any siblings in real life, so I don't really know how they would react if this was real. I would like to say an early birthday to Tilly Billy!!! I have really enjoyed writing this story and the support I get.  I am trying to get better at updating. I'm not sure how well it will work, because I do have camps, vacations, etc. I will try my best! I promise. Also, I thought it would be interesting to ask: Who is YOUR favorite character so far? Yes, I know the story hasn't really come far, but from what you know of these characters, who is your favorite? What more do you want to learn about which character? Just post in the comments. I honestly want to know y'all's opinion. Anyways, I'm done rabling now. Take care everyone!!! ~A

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