Things happen for a reason

Katelyn is a normal girl but some things have changed in her life. Katelyn and Niall have been together a long time. What happenes when Darren comes back


3. He's found me

I drove home and walked through the was silent then suddenly I found Datren and Niall fighting."STOP IT!!" I yelled." KATE RUN DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME JUST SAVE YOURSELF AND GET OUT IF HERE!" Niall yelled. I ignored him and ran to the kitchen, grabbed a saucer and wacked Darren over the head.he fell to the ground. Niall looked at me anazed." Woah!" Niall exclaimed.he ran towards me and hugged me . Suddenly Darren got to his feet and stabbed Niall in the back.i screamed as he fell to the floor.i fell down and corresed nialls head in my hands and cried. Then the police bashed through the door and grabbed Darren And out him in the police car.the ambulance men picked up niall and scurried to the hospital I held his hand all the way.

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