Wish it were me

Tommy is a regular girl, she goes to high school. She isn't a big fan of one direction but her little sister is. What will happen when her sister wins backstage tickets to a one direction concert? Will she fall in love, or will she still feel the same? Read more to find out ��. Sorry this is my first book so if its bad understand :) thanks.


1. About us

Tommy is a regular high schooler. Next year she is going to collage at harvord. She isn't the biggest fan of one direction but all that might change. Tommy has long curly blond hair and blue eyes. She is very beutiful and skinny.  She is one of the taller girls in school which she likes about herself. Her sister, Tina, on the other hand is one of the biggest one direction fans there is. Tina is a freshman she has long straight brown hair an blue eyes. She is very short and skinny for her age. She is just like her sister in so many ways, but one direction is not one. What will happen when Tina has the chance to win one direction backstage passes and the whole afternoon with them? Read to ind out!               Ok so this is my first book so sorry if its bad comment and tell me if I should continue?? Thanks 😜😘

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