Fate Triangle

boy meets girl become friends and start their crazy high school life together but will her ex leave her alone?


2. Forgetting, Remembering, and Meeting


It was the first day of School at Los Angeles Christian High School and Addison could not wait to meet up with old friends. The mysterious and nameless guy completely gone from her memory as she greeted old friends.  "I'm sorry we could not hang out more! Cheer tournaments were almost every other weekend!"

"Nah! It's okay.  We finally got a break from your craziness, Miss Addison Rose Blake!" Addison's best friend Alicia  laughed, "Ha! you know I'm only kidding of course!"

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Well I needed a break from you, Miss Alicia Katrina Martinez, too!" Addison poked Alicia until they were both laughing too hard to talk.  When they could finally take a breath and speak, Addison asked, "Hey, Alicia, did you see what you have for first period yet?"

"Yeah actually and somehow I think you aren't going to have the same one as me! I've got AP art!"

"Of COURSE! I don't have any art skills I am so NOT taking that class! Well, I have to go see what mine is wanna come anyway?"

"Eh? Why not? Oh and you so would make a big deal about that!"

Between the two young girls there was a friendship unlike many in most teens.  The two had never fought and never had a small arguement when they disagreed either.  They were about to go through one thing that might change all that in one sigle question and one single word.

Addison entered her first period class and gasped she DID know someone in her class but she did not know his name...



"Hey hey hey! There he is the first offical freshman to join varisty football at our very own Los Angeles Christian High School!" Adam was a junior and was on the team with Michael.  The two had become very close and loved to mess around when ever they could. Adam was 6'2" with clury blonde hair he kept in a 'mini afro' saying "It's all for the Ladies!!!"

"Come on Adam that's not that great. Any way I have no clue where my history class is at can you help me find Mrs. Salazar's class?" Michael was modest and did not like the fame he was getting by being the first freshman on varsity.  He honestly did not know the location of his first class and thought it was a good subject changer.

"AWW!! Okay. Well it is down main hall in the third wi---- WAIT! Why are you in history?  Freshman aren't required to take history."

"I am in an AP class ok?" Just as Michael said the words the bell rang.

"Well Mr. Smarty Pants you better go! That was the bell!"

As Michael sat down a girl walked in. Not just any girl THE girl.

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