Fate Triangle

boy meets girl become friends and start their crazy high school life together but will her ex leave her alone?


1. First Sightings



"Yeah singing along

to that country song

wandering down the..."

Oh he's cute! It is too bad I don't want a boyfriend! 

 She looked the nameless guy up and down... he was tall about 6'5'',  very muscular, and had brown hair which looked like the sun gave him nice blond streaks. 

This boy I have got to meet!  But I don't have time!  At least I know he goes to my school!  

Soon though her life will never be the same again...




"Adam get the ball!!! Look number five wide open!!! HEllooooo???" Poor Michael felt the wind knock out of him.  His sight strayed from the game for one second. That one second started a journey where Michael will have to make his destiny or it will never happen.

Whoa who is that girl? She is beautiful! I must meet her! I'm really glad it's still summer and she will be going to my school next year!

The small girl was about five foot flat, if Michael being 6'5" were to stand by her she would look like a child.  All Michael knew was he wanted to meet this girl, whom just happened to show up at his school all done up for school spirit for his team's game.  Yet he felt the need to be there for her, Michael just did not know why.

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