The shadows of dusk

the city was empty apart from them they wait and then loom forward slowly and when you least expect it they take you berry your soul in one of there shadows and leave your empty shell on earth but they have one fear one thing that can kill them and they will use all there power to kill it for good...


1. wondering


i died.

that is how this started. i was 10 years old and alone.

i was born alone and died alone that was what made me into a weapon.

i lived in the mountains until i was 5 then i moved too a small human town were i spent another 5 years. i was playing in my garden when the shadows came sucking life from any living thing and putting there souls in the empty shadow shells brain washing them into a shadow follower.

one garbed me when i tryd to run into my house and sucked my life out along with my soul. i remember darkness then sudden light. i woke up back in my body alone silents all around.i had died and was reborn into a weapon.


that was 6 years ago and willow is now 16 and still alone the shadows had killed every one and turned them into more shadows. they all still hunted her but she wonted to know why they were after her? and was any one else still alive? so now she drives her blue vw van wondering around to find her answers but she felt like a strange creature when she was 10 and was reborn she no longer looked like she used too. curly white hair not brown hair and dark purple eyes not bright  green eyes she had changed into some one else but now she was a wanderer.looking for any one who had survived the horror.

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