The shadows of dusk

the city was empty apart from them they wait and then loom forward slowly and when you least expect it they take you berry your soul in one of there shadows and leave your empty shell on earth but they have one fear one thing that can kill them and they will use all there power to kill it for good...


2. found

she drove through London fast big city's and places with high populations always had the most shadows but  she would have to stop so she could search for survivors but she would have to be quick it was a good job she was able to kill them she had practiced with throwing knifes and an old sword she had found in an antique shop they were very effective when killing shadows she hoped that she would fined some one alive she hated just finding dead body's.

she stopped her van out side a bank if any one had good places to hide the bank would be one of them vaults, cctv cameras and more but she would have to be careful shadows could be any wear. she got out of her van garbing her knifes and swords and putting them all on her belt ready for action if needed. she was wearing shorts and a black vest like t shirt with a leather jacket and some old vans her hair up in a high pony tail ready for action.

the bank was open but she saw no signs of humans or shadows. as she crept inside as if she made to much noise it would attracted the shadows to her and she would have no chance as there were too meany in the bank for just her she could feel them near by. she turned she herd some one sneeze from inside the bank she crept forward towards the sound it brought her to a panel on the sealing that had been moved and not put back properly. 

pulling out her knifes she was about to throw one at what ever was in the vent when a human guys head popped out of the crack near the vent. he was about her age looked tanned he had spiky black hair and light blue eyes.

she lowered her knifes and placed them back round her belt and pulled out her sword just encase anything try too jump her.

"who are you?" he asked climbing out of the vent. she pointed to her arm were her name and a few other things were tattoo. she had done it herself when she raided a tattoo parlor and was trying too pass time.

he nodded and smiled she didn't return the smile as she hadn't smiled since she left the mountains 11 years ago.

" well willow i am shad and i would love chat...but i need help me and some others are hiding in a vault not far from here we need some were too go and... one of us is hurt will you help?" he continued. she nodded and watched as he climbed back into the vent leaving her standing alone in the hall.

"follow me its this way" he shouted causing her too jump a bit. she followed him into the vent and followed shad down the narrow passages until he dropped throw another crack in the vent. she followed and came too an empty vault that had four people in it along with shad and her.

there was a small pail brunet with brown eyes stood with a tall pail blond guy with blue eyes. another tall guy with brown hair and blue eyes was hunched over a tanned guy with black hair and green eyes he was clutching his side.

"guys this is willow she is here to help San... um... willow this is Lola and her boy friend Josh" he said pointing to the two stood up. "and this is James Josh`s brother and that is San he was shot by a guard who thourt he was a shadow" shad continued pointing too the two crouched on the floor.

willow looked at San who was looking at her he new what she was and she new what he was.

she walked over too were San was and knelt down beside him.

pulling her rucksack of her back she pulled out her medical kit.

"stand back please" she said placing her hands on sans side.

"close your eyes" she whispered to San as she started to heal him using one of the meany gifts she had been given when she died. but with all good there was a bad.

anything she heeled she would suffer the harm herself which only lasted a day each time.

when she had finished healing San and started too feel the pain in her side. she pulled away from San and pulled up her top a bit too see the bullet hole with the bullet in it.

she pulled out the bullet from her side and wrapped it up ignoring the looks from the others in the room. standing up she picked up her things and pulled down her top.

"how did you do that?" shad asked amazed like the rest of them but San just scoffed and stood up too. " using shadow powers that's how she did it shad" San replied annoyed.

"yes now lets get out of here follow me" she said walking too the vault door her sword and knifes out ready too kill.

in the main hall outside the vault 10 shadows stood waiting for some one too come along.

they all turned and looked willow strait in the eye with there plain empty holes when they realized who it was they screamed covering there eyes and running away.

"run rabbit run" she whispered before throwing her knifes at each one of them killing them on the spot.

wiping her hands on her shorts she waited for the shadows too vanish into mist like they always did when they died.

"let your souls finally rest in peace" willow whispered as she put her knifes back round her belt.

"lets go my van is parked out side" she said walking out the exit leaving every one slowly following behind in wonder.

they all claimed into the van and didn't say a word as they did San kept looking at willow as she drove the van out of the city and into the country side.

(A/N please please please comment on this i don't know if i should continue this so please comment thanks x Jamie bell x)

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