Never Let You Go

Its about these 5 best friends that meet the one and only One Direction.


2. Introduction(boys)

Harry POV:

Hi my name is Harry Styles. Yes you read it right I'm in One Direction and looking for my perfect girl.

Louis POV:

Hey my Carrots! My name is Louis Tomlinson. I'm in One Direction. I have my Beautiful girlfriend. Are we meant to be?

Niall POV:

Hi my name is Niall Horan and yes I'm in One Direction. I am currently looking for my princess.

Liam POV:

Hi my name is Liam Payne. I'm 1/5 of One Direction and have an amazing girlfriend named Danielle. Could she be the one?

Zayn POV:

Hey my name is Zayn Malik. Do you know who I am? I bet you do. You probably heard of me in this band called One Direction. I'm dating an awesome girl named Perrie. Are we meant to be together?


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