for you ill be superhuman

Nickys life is ruined when her mum dies anc she is stuck with her evil stepdad. He beats her everyday so she decides to run away. Then she meets a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes and he promises to look after her. Whatever happens...


2. the phone call

Nickys p.o.v I answered the phone kinda cautiously because only very few people had our number. Hello a voice replied is this nicky tucker. Umm Yh i said why? Your mother was involved in a serious accidwnt with your stepfather. Unfortunately your mother who was driving was killed there and thwn however stepfather is in hospital with only minor injuries.I couldnt believe what I heard. My mum, my loving caring funny mum, was dead. I didn't know what to say. umm ok I croaked. Do you have anywhere to stay till your stepfather is out of hospital. y-y-Yh I replied my friend charlottes. Ok well please go there straight away and call us if you have any problems. Shaking all over I picked up my pine and recalled charlotte. Hello nicky she said whats up I broke down in tears again. Umm can I stay at yours for a bit. My stepdads in hospital and my mums, my mums, my mums dead. Omg nicks of course you can. my mum will be at your in 10 mins top. I sat on the sofa and just cried till they got to mine. Charlottes p.o.v When nicky told me what had happened i couldnt believe it. Her mum was like one of my bestfriends. She treated me and nick like adults and we treated her like a teenager. Mum i screamed when I got of the phone to nicky. We need to go get nicky. Shes gonna stay here for a couple of days. I will explain on the way. We got in the car and hurried for nickys. My mum started crying when I told her. Stop mum I said be brave, for nickys sake. Ok she stuttered its just she was like my best friend. I know mum but still I replied for nickys sake. when we got there nicky was on the sofa crying her eyes out. I rang the doorbell and nicky answered eyes all red and puffy with a backpack slung over her shoulder. It's gonna be ok nicks I told her I'm here for you I gave her a massive hug. She started sobbing on my shoulder..we stayed there for at least 5 minutes.
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