for you ill be superhuman

Nickys life is ruined when her mum dies anc she is stuck with her evil stepdad. He beats her everyday so she decides to run away. Then she meets a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes and he promises to look after her. Whatever happens...


16. telling the world

louis p.o.v


we decided that the best way to get this news out was twitter. i went on my account

@Louis_Tomlinson: just found out that @Niallofficial s girlfreind @nickynoonaa is actually my long lost sister. its a small world afterall :)

soon i saw that nicky had tweeted.

@nickynoonaa: my life keeps getting better and better. first i date @Niallofficial and now @Louis_Tomlinson is my younger brother! #itsasmallworld

soon #itsasmallworld was trending and he rest of the boys had also tweeted

@Niallofficial: so my girlfriend @nickynoonaa is @Louis_Tomlinson older sister ! freaky! #itsasmallworld

@Harry_Styles: no wonder @nickynoonaa and @Louis_Tomlinson look so alike #itsasmallworld

@Real_Liam_Payne: haha @Niallofficial and @Louis_Tomlinson might actually be brothers one day. if @nickynoonaa gets lucky that is #itsasmallworld

@zaynmalik: come on @niallofficial pop the question to @nickynoonaa so you and @louis_tomlinson can be related #itsasmallworld

and soon after that #niallpropose was trendinG

@Niallofficial: well whenever i do its gonna be the best day of my life! i love @nickynoonaa 4ever #itsasmallworld #niallpropose

i went into nickys room to see her sitting on her bed crying her eyes out.

"whats up nicky?" i said. i went and sat on the bed and comforted her. she lent into me

"im pregnant lou." she wept

"i take it that it is nialls?!?" i asked

"yes" she replied

"then why are you upset?this is great" i said

"what if he leaves me? he might not be ready for a kid and im so scared ill be alone." she wept into my shoulder

"you have me! if niall leaves you because of this i will kill him! he loves you nicky. dont forget him just tell him." i said. i walked out the room and went up to niall.

"niall mate nicky want to talk to you but  whatever you do dont upset her any more then she already is." i said and walked off to find izzy.

nialls p.o.v


"niall mate nicky wants to talk to you but whatever you do dont upset her" louis said. ever since him and nicky got those phone calls i have seen a side of louis i have never really seen before. i was kinda nervous. i walked into nckys room to see her sitting on her bed crying.

"hey, hey nicky wats up dont cry" i said and ran over to her bed to comfort her. "louis said you wanted to talk to me"

"yh im um, im, im , im pregnant niall! and its definately yours" she said. i didnt know hat to say.

"thats , thats , thats.... great nicky. i really want to be a dad. and another thing i want to be is.... your husband."  i pulled out a ring

"nicky tucker, or tomlinson whatever your name is now. will you become mrs nicky horan?"i said. she looked at me and burst into tears again.

"of course i will niall. we can be a proper little family." she said

"i know and im so happy. now lets go tell the boys." i said. i took her by the hand and lead her into the living room.

"guys" i said "we have some good news" everyone stared at us.

"we are engaged..." everyone clapped

"and nickys pregnant." everyone smiled again.

"well done nicky" everyone yelld

"horan junior" somebody else yelled. soon i saw louis had tweeted

@louis_tomlinson: cant believe my older sis @nickynoonaa and @niallofficial are engaged.

typical i thought. louis would always be first to tweet. i decided to be second

@niallofficial: thats right guys im engaged to the gorgeous @nickynoonaa .and guess what guys... im gonna be a daddy :) xxx

soon #babyhoran and #horanjr were trending

@nickynoonaa: love you @niallofficial can wait to be a mummy #nialljr #babyhoran

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