for you ill be superhuman

Nickys life is ruined when her mum dies anc she is stuck with her evil stepdad. He beats her everyday so she decides to run away. Then she meets a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes and he promises to look after her. Whatever happens...


6. introductions

Nickys p.o.v Omg how could I be so stupid? My bestfriend practically worships one direction and i didn't even recognise niall. I felt so bad. So um nicky said niall wanna meet he boys? Yh sure I replied. First came Zayn. Wow he said to me your hairs so nice its almost as nice as mine ! I chuckled that was the worst pickup line ever. I remembered that they were on x factor. I did my best Simon cowell impression and said I'm sorry Zayn that's a no from me. The boys were in hysterics. Then came Louis. He looked so cute in his braces. Hey nicky I'm Louis he said if ya want anything whilst your here just ask me. I will do Louis I told him. Then it was liam. Hi I would just like to say that I'm like the dad of this group need any advice come to me. Will do. Then came harry. He looked amazing. I mean niall looked better but harry with his brown curls and beautiful green eyes almost took my breath away. Hi I'm harry he told me in his adorable British accent. Then he leant in and whispered to me by the way nicky by the way nialls looking at you he's obviously in love woth you. Then he just smiled at me and walked off. I didn't know what to say. Niall Hor an, in love with me ! Nialls p.o.v I don't know what harry said to nicky but she just stared at me her facial expression was blank. What was she thinking? So nicky I asked her to break the silence. What is nicky short for. I as expecting nicole or nicola but no. It's short for Nixie she told us. That's an unusual name harry said what does it mean. It's a German water sprite. My mum chose it she was in love with faries she told us. Why arent you with your mum now then? Louis asked her. Well she replied my mum died 3 weeks ago. Oh my god I'm sorry sorry nicky Louis exclaime
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