for you ill be superhuman

Nickys life is ruined when her mum dies anc she is stuck with her evil stepdad. He beats her everyday so she decides to run away. Then she meets a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes and he promises to look after her. Whatever happens...


13. i think im in love

harrys p.o.v


i looked at her small fragile chest rise up and down. her snores were quiet and cute. her hair fell perfectly into place even though she was unconsious on my bed. god that sounds wierd. i saw her eyes open. she had deep green eyes. only a couple of shades different to my own. her long wavy brown hair stopping a couple of centimeters below her shoulders. nicky said she had a friend coming round but she did not say that her friend was one of the most beautiful people i have ever seen. i know it sounds cheesy seeing as i have known her half and hour and she has known me 5 minutes (although she did fan girl and directioners do know a hell of a lot of stuff about us) but i think im in love. not come home with me we will have a few dates then i realise that you arent the one love. proper love i have never felt this way before about any girl.

"nicks" she muttered slowly opening her eyes "where am i?" then she looked at her surroundings before looking at me

"and why is harry fricking styles on my bed" she shouted then whispered to me "not that i mind" i laughed i couldnt help myself. she giggled to and her voice seemed so pure and sweet.

"actually love" i told her "you are in my bed and may i just say that you are one of the gorgeous girls i have ever met. i know i havent known you that long but i think im in love with you. i dont know that much about you apart from that you are nickys friend and your name is charlotte but lets be honest you know a hell of a lot about me. anyway will you be my girlfriend?" she stared at me for a moment

"well i would be stupid to say no seeing as i have had a major crush on you since you first auditioned for the x factor!" i laughed

"well then lets go break the news to the others" i said

"wait" she replied "all of the band are here?" she looked confused

"well yh" i said "when the get the news that a beautiful girl has passed out in our living room they come straight away. and besides they do all live here, but you probably already know that!" she giggled at the joke

"one more thing" she said as we were going out the door "be ready to catch me!" i jut laughed and showed her the way downstairs.

"guys" i shouted  "this is nickys friend charlotte"


charlottes p.o.v


"guys" he shouted "this is nickys freind charlotte"

5 smiling faces appeared. zayn, louis,liam,niall and nicky. i noticed that nicky and niall were holding hands. awww so sweet. afte what nicky had been through she deserved this.

"oi hazza" louis shouted "at least shes in a better state then nicky was when nialler found her."

"shut up!" screamed nicky "that wasnt my fault and besides, i havent told her yet. i havent spoke to her since ive been here and the first time i see her she faints cuz of hazza!"

"shut up wasnt my fault" mimicked louis and then him and nicky had a pretend cat fight. me and all of the other boys were in hysterics."any way" said louis running up to me and giving me a bear hug "im jennifer but you can call me boobear."

"louis" nicky said "shes like a mega mega directioner she knows like everything about you." i just laughed

"oh yh" louis said "whens my birthday?"

"24th december 1991" i replied with a smug look on my face.

"no" he cried "she knows my secret" and then he pretended to sob onto harrys shoulder. good old larry stylinson.

one by one i was greeted by the other members of one direction. afterwards harry picked me up swung me around kissed me and then said

"im going to have a shower my beautiful girlfriend." well thats the weirdest way to tell people that we are going out.


that night i was staying in nickys room. "so" i said "explain everything starting with the day after your mums funeral cuz thats the last time i heard from you. i listened as she explained it all. the abuse, nandos, the almost rape, running to the park, finding niall, the doctors, making their relationship official. god this girl has had it tough.

"you know" i said "im gonna have to tell my mum about this but dont worry she wont tell anyone"

"thanks charlie" she said and soon we fell asleep.

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