for you ill be superhuman

Nickys life is ruined when her mum dies anc she is stuck with her evil stepdad. He beats her everyday so she decides to run away. Then she meets a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes and he promises to look after her. Whatever happens...


8. Doctors continued

Sorry guys pressed wrong button Niall p.o.v continued : anyway what's the worst that could happen? A cast and crutches . We got to a and r and we were seen asap. Probably because they didnt want a riot over me. We told them that she was my cousin nicky horan. Just so she would be sure to come home with me and not have to go back to her stepdads. When the doctor saw her he told her it was a nice clean break which meant a cast for 6 weeks and that was all. It took an hour but finally she was ready to go. I put on my sunglasses and beanie and we left.
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