for you ill be superhuman

Nickys life is ruined when her mum dies anc she is stuck with her evil stepdad. He beats her everyday so she decides to run away. Then she meets a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes and he promises to look after her. Whatever happens...


12. australia

Nickys p.o.v Niall had been strangely quiet for a few days. I knew why but I didn't want to say. He was going on tour in a week. He was touring Australia with the boys. Nixie he called. Niall you know i hate being called that! He just chuckled. When he came in the room i tried to look angry with him but i just couldnt I loved him too much. So um nicky he told me I'm going on tour next.week fo australia and i wondered if maybe u wanted to come with me. Of course i do niall i replied. oh thank god he replied. now niall if you don't mind.could I possibly invite my best friend charlotte round. That's fine he told me. I got out my phone and rang charlotte. She answered Omg nick where have u been after your mums funeral u dissapeared off the face of the earth. I know I know Charlie do u wanna come round and ill explain. I gave her the adress and then added oh by the way I have a suprise for you. Harrys p.o.v Hey harry nicky called. I got a friend over so please make sure that you actually have clothes on. I know that you have.some weird obsession with nakedness but please. Ok i replied. Oh and by t.he way harry she has a mega crush on you and doesn't know I'm stayinf here so... Prepare foe her to fan girl. Haha was all i could say. I went upsyairs and got.dressed. 5 minutes later the doorbe rang. I ran downstairs and waited. When nicky opened the door all I could see was of true beauty. Long brown hair and eyes as blue as the ocean. Hey nicks she started and then stopped and looked at me. Oh my god she shouted you did not say you were staying with one direction. Then she fainted. I ran forward and caught her in my arms. God she was beautiful.
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