for you ill be superhuman

Nickys life is ruined when her mum dies anc she is stuck with her evil stepdad. He beats her everyday so she decides to run away. Then she meets a blonde haired boy with bright blue eyes and he promises to look after her. Whatever happens...


15. an unexpected call

nickys p.o.v


my niall horan ringtone went off and everyon looked at me and laughed. i answered it.

"hello" i said

"hello i am detective peter macoy and i am sorry to inform you that your stepfather has died of a drug overdose. however when we found him he was in possesion of a letter saying that he killed your mother the recipitent of the letter remains unknown. we are informing you now that you are infact adopted. your real family is the tomlinsons. you may be familiar with your brother louis who happens to be in the band one direction. somebody is on the phone to him at this moment of time." i turned round and sure enough louis was on the phone "is there anyway you can get in touch with him or any member of one direction to let him know.?"

"um yh" i replied "im in australia with him on their tour because im currently dating niall horan"

"good" he said "we will give you more information when you get back from their tour. good day miss tomlinson" god that felt wierd being called that. louis was now off the phone and he stared at me. "ssssiiiiiiisssssssssttttttteeeeeerrrrrrrr!" he cried and came to hug me. i hugged hime back. all of the others looked at us so we explained what we had just ben told.

"no flaming wonder that you look so alike then!" liam said. and we all laughed


louis p.o.v


omg its a good thing i found izzy before i started having a crush on my sister. i was actually so happy. i knew i had a sister who was adopted but i couldnt believe it was nicky. i walked over to her "hey sis"

"hey bruv" she replied playfully punching my arm

"i know this may seem sudden but i love u lil sis"

" i love u to lou" she snuggled into me and i saw niall staring at us.

"am i not aloud to snuggle with my sister jennifer" she said. i laughed a little. niall looked a little sheepish

"im joking niall" she said before running over and jumping on his back. he gave her a piggy back all the way to the limo. awww their so sweet. im glad my little sister is happy.

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