ι'м α gιяℓ σƒ 19 уєαяѕ σƒ αgє. му ηαмє ιѕ נσѕιє. му вєѕт ƒяιєη∂, αвнι, мαηαgєѕ тσ тαℓк тσ σηє ∂ιяє¢тιση αη∂ ѕєт υρ мє ωιтн вσтн нαяяу αη∂ ηιαℓℓ. ¢αℓℓ мє ωнσяє ιƒ уσυ ωαηт, вυт ι ∂ση'т кησω ωнι¢н σηє тσ ¢нσσѕє... σηє ιѕ ∂αηgєяσυѕ, ¢υтє αη∂ συтgσιηg. тнє σтнєя σηє ιѕ α gєηтαℓмєη, ρяєтту ѕєχу αη∂ α∂σяαвℓє. ωнαт σηє ωσυℓ∂ уσυ ¢нσσѕє? ι'м α ℓιттℓє ѕтυ¢к вєтωєєη тнєм αη∂ тнαт'ѕ ησт αℓℓ ι нανє тσ ωσяяу αвσυт... му єχ, тяєνσя ιѕ ℓιкє α ρяє∂αтσя тσ мє. ι αм ѕσ ¢σηƒυѕє∂ αη∂ ι ƒєєℓ тяαρρє∂... ωнι¢н σηє ѕнσυℓ∂ ι ¢нσσѕє? нαяяу σя ηιαℓℓ?
ƒιη∂ συт ιη тнє вσσк ¢нσσѕє.

AN: I add a chapter once a week... on mondays. If I get more than one like... I'll be pretty happy... :) thanks guys. Enjoy.


2. єη¢συηтєя


It was a long, summers day outside and I was spending it all inside my house.

I was so bored.

I quickly decided to pull out my notebook and started to write in my diary.


Dear diary,

It's been a long 2 months since mamma and pappa died. I still miss them. Abhi said she'd be over soon but her car hasn't pulled up yet. I'm starting to get worried as she always shows up on time or she's early. She has never been late before.

She said she was going to take me out shopping tonight, but I really don't want too. Here in London, bad things can happen. Just last night, I heard one of my classmates, Leean got raped at Spursh-veiw mall near my house! How scary is that?

Anyways, I just want to stay home and DIE. I honestly think I don't have a purpose in this world...


I had choaked on my words for a minute. DIE is a strong word...


No boy wants me. They all think I'm fat, ugly and suprisingly a whore. I don't get it...


I see Abhi's car pull up in the driveway.


I'll be going now...




I get up and start walking to my front door. I stop in my tracks as I see a man, younger than me getting out of the passenger seat. He's pretty good looking I thought.

Abhi made her way up the steps with this boy and screamed "VAS HAPPENIN?". Embarresed in front of the boy, I took a step back.

"Josie, you know Harry from One Direction right?" Abhi said.

I froze in my tracks. Thats where I know him from! "Y-Yeah" I stuttered.

"Pleasure to meet you." Harry said in a sweet brittish voice.

"Josie, can you belive I stumbled upon him at the mall?" Abhi said.

I just looked at her.

"Sorry Harry. She's always been a little shy around new people" Abhi turned her face to look at Harry's. "I'll see you later Harry!"

"See you tonight Abhi." Harry looked at me one last time and then started walking home.

"What was that about?" I asked Abhi.

"Well you see, I saw him at the mall and started talking to him. Then I said, We should hang out sometime!" Abhi said to me.

"Tonight??" I asked.

"Yes! And we get to meet the rest of the boys too! At the bar!" Abhi said excitedly.

"What about shopping?" I asked.

"We'll do that know! C'mon!" She had a good grip of my arm and almost dragged me to her car with all the excitement.


I already knew this was going to be a long night.


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