Summer Love

Nichole Payne is Liam Paynes little sister!
What happens when she meets the boys
and one of them fall for her? Will she be
his princess? Or will her heart belong to
sow one else?


10. ''...would you be my girlfriend?''

Nikki's POV

Right now is the best mom ent of my life! im going on a date with the boys i've liked for the past year and best of all, MY BROTHER...Liam Payne...Daddy Directioner.. is okay with me going out with him


Nialls POV

Im taking nikki to Nandos.. because well.... we both LOVE it! we are official eating buddies an mayube tonight boyfriend and girlfriend....

"um Nikki?" "Yes niall?" "umm..i was.. uh ..wondering... if ...u'd uhm.. be my girlfriend?" "YES! i would love to be your girlfriend!!" YES SHE SAID YES!!!!!  ''okay well its getting late.. so lets head back.'' we hold hands and head home..


authors note:

hey u guys!! this chapter is jsut a filler for the next one and i promise it will be longer!!

im thinking of giving 2 girls to be zayn and liams girlfriends.. i know they have GF's but... in this story they dont..


age, eye color, hair co;lor, name, kik, height and perosnality so ican see if i want you to be their girls!

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