Summer Love

Nichole Payne is Liam Paynes little sister!
What happens when she meets the boys
and one of them fall for her? Will she be
his princess? Or will her heart belong to
sow one else?


11. Telling Liam

Nikkis POV

So after me and Nialls first date, we decided to tell all the boys. "umm.. boys, could u guys come down here for a minute?"

"sure" everyone replied. So me and Niall were standing there holding hands, and when the boys came down, all their eyes trailed down to me and nialls hands, our entwined hands. "so, what did u want to tell us?" lou asked after a couple minutes of awkwardness. "we just wanted to say that we r now dating, and we r also boyfriend and girlfriend." niall stated. then liam came up and told niall. "okay lad. justhere me out, if u dare lay a hurting finger on my little sister, u will be dead. got it?" "got it" niall said.

Haryys POV

I probably looked so mad right now but I didn't care. I was so mad that the little irish leprechaun had the guts to take her on a date, let alone ask her out. I wanted to make her mine, no matter how hard I tried, she would be mine.




hey you guys... haven't updated in forever!!! just been busy with school and band... im kinda out of ideas for the story and thinking about looking for a co-owner...

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