Summer Love

Nichole Payne is Liam Paynes little sister!
What happens when she meets the boys
and one of them fall for her? Will she be
his princess? Or will her heart belong to
sow one else?


5. make a move!

Nialls POV


'okay niall, think. if u dont do this then she'll never know how u feel about her. just ask her if she wants to make some popcorn. yea thats good. and only louis knows that i like nikki, even if we've never properly met, ive seen pictures and videos.. but anyways im gonna do it!'

"um, hey nikki?" "yes nialler?" awe 'nialller' hhow cute! "um do u want to help me make popcorn?" "sure!" phew! the easyish part is over. now just ask her. 3...2...1...

"hey nikki?' "yea nialler?" "uh..i..was..umm..wondering..if uh..u'd like to..idk go out sometime? maybe see a movie?" "YES!!! uh.. i mean yea sure sounds fun!"

YES SHE...SAID...YES!!! now how to telll liam that im taking his little sistewr out...

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