Summer Love

Nichole Payne is Liam Paynes little sister!
What happens when she meets the boys
and one of them fall for her? Will she be
his princess? Or will her heart belong to
sow one else?


7. getting ready!

Niall's POV:

Tonight is the night im taking nikki out on our first date. I have abouit 2 hours until the date, so i decide to take a shower.

*skip shower*

AHH. so much stress is off after my shower. Now what to wear... i think i will wear a blue polo, khakis and white converse.

After i got dressed, i decided to go and sit in the lounge with the boys.


Nikki's POV:

Tonight is me and Nialls first date. i looked at my phone that was playing my one directionplaylist, and then kiss you came on! i decided to take a shower simce me and Lou were playing football (soccer knwon in america) earlier. In the shower, i used my sweet pea body wash and made sure to get ALL the dirt off! then i used my vanilla/pomegranite shampoo and conditioner. I got out dried my hair and straihtened it. then i put on a strapless maxi dress that was a baby blue, and strapy sandals. then i decided to go for a natural look, so i just put on soem concealer light opink eyeshadow and clear lipgloss. I walked downstair and i saw...


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