Summer Love

Nichole Payne is Liam Paynes little sister!
What happens when she meets the boys
and one of them fall for her? Will she be
his princess? Or will her heart belong to
sow one else?


8. first dates and fury!!

Nikki's POV:

i walked do wn the stairs and saw.. a dressed up Niall! and he even had flowers!!

"hey beautiful." and pulled me into a famous 'horan hug'

" hety handsome" i replied.

then..liam came in.

"okay, nial and nikki. don't stay out after 10 PM and if u are 5 minutes late im grounding niall from food for a whole day, adn no cell phoien for a whole weeek nikki. got it?" "got it!" me an dniall replied at the same time. then the rest of the boys came in and saw us holding hands. harry looked a little...angry? oh well, maybe he was mad cause someone dissed cats or something...


Harry's pov:


we all heard liam talking to somebody, but we didnt know who. so when we heard him stp we got up adn looked to see who he was talking to. itwas niall and nikk. they were holding hands?? WHAT?!?!?!?! i honestly nthought nikki liked me!! well , i'll get nikki to like ,me.. "what i thouyght you liked me  nikki? NOT....HAT!" i exclaimed pointing at niall. niall looked really hurt, but i didnt care. " well i do like niall...come on nniall, lets go. i cant be in this house for another second!" then she looked at me as if she said 'we'll talk about this later'.

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