A girl called Pippa is going to visit her Gran, who lives in the mountainous forests of America. But just as the journey begins all things turn terribly wrong.


3. The Camp

As I entered the camp, dazzling sunshine streamed through the gaps in the trees overhead and the lake water rippled by the cool light breeze.  I am carrying many bags filled with clothes, blankets and bedding, and with every step I take the ground squelches beneath me.  It had rained on the way up here and has now left the ground soggy and damp.

There is a fire, Dad just set up in the middle of the camp, to keep us warm and to scare away any unwanted animals.  We have to keep the fire going at all times, especially at night when predators are more likely to show themselves.  We have set up the tents near the fire and will keep re-building this every night until we get to Grans.

“Boys where are the fishing rods?” Mum asked.

“There in your tent.” Joe answered.

“Thanks Joe” Mum replied on her way to the tent.  She picked up the fishing rods and came back out of the tent.”Ok everyone, let’s go fishing and catch some fish for dinner.”

“Cool,” I replied” how many fish do we have to catch?”

“As many as we can, so it will last the rest of the trip.”  Dad answered, joining in with the conversation.  We all walked to the lake and had a fishing rod each.  We all sat down and waited for the fish to come.

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