A girl called Pippa is going to visit her Gran, who lives in the mountainous forests of America. But just as the journey begins all things turn terribly wrong.


8. Silence

My head was in the twig bundle, tears running down my face. The camp was deserted, the bear had gone but has only left sadness. The bear destroyed the camp to try and reach the fish. There is no fish left now only a few fish heads lying on the ground, half chewed. But that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was that it k-k-killed my family! Jim and Joe were lying on the floor next to each other in a pool of blood. Huge scratch marks were on their faces. Outside my tent was Mum and Dad lying in a very defensive pose, they obviously thought that I have been inside the tent and wanted to protect me from the bear. I feel so bad, I should never have left the tent. But then if I was quicker collecting the twigs I would have been back in time to save them. I am the one to blame for everything, why didn’t the bear kill me and not them. All I want is my family back. I started to cry more heavily now, Tears running down my face so much I felt like a waterfall. I sat there crying for what felt like an eternity. My life could not get worse right now, so I decided to sit up and think. My teacher once said: “If you ever feel at your lowest point of distress ask yourself some questions and eat a chocolate chip muffin.” My teacher was a bit on the tubby side so she always talked about food, but I had no food, so I will try and ask myself some questions. Ok first question, where am I? “I am in the American forest, surrounded by dangerous animals.” I told myself in a hushed voice. That was good I am starting to stop crying, so next question why am I here? “To visit my Gran, who lives here.” One more question, what am I going to do next? “I am going” I couldn’t think of anything so I started to cry again. Fifteen minutes later I sat up. Crying couldn’t solve anything, so what was that question again? Oh yeah what am I going to do next? I was thinking for a while, looking through the gloomy clearing to see what I should do. Then an idea popped into my head. “I am going to start a fire and keep warm for the night” That is good enough for now. I stood up and walked up to the fire ring, and placed the twigs inside the ring of rocks surrounding the burnt wood. I then went into Mum and Dad’s tent and picked up a match box. I came back outside and struck a match, I threw it into the fire ring and watched it spread. The fire leaped from twig to twig leaving a trail of flames as it travelled. I sat there watching the flames, not daring to look away, because it is the only thing left in this camp full of happiness.

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