A girl called Pippa is going to visit her Gran, who lives in the mountainous forests of America. But just as the journey begins all things turn terribly wrong.


4. Fish

The sun was starting to set and we still had no fish.  We were all going to go back, when all of a sudden my rod started to tug.  It was a fish!

“Reel it in sslloowwllyy” Dad whispered to me....”Now! Bring it up and out. Now!  Now!  Now!”  I did as he told me and a fish leaped out of the water, wriggling furiously from the hook.  It was a small salmon, not enough for a meal, but it was better than nothing.  We took it off the hook and placed it straight into the bucket.  Suddenly Joe’s rod started to tug, and then Jim’s and Mum’s.  The fish were coming!  I put my hook straight back into the water and waited for another fish to bite.  Meanwhile, Mum, Dad, Joe, and Jim were reeling in fish furiously trying to catch as many fish as possible.

We spent the rest of the afternoon fishing and ended up with three buckets filled with fish.  We carried the fish back to camp and Mum and I were hanging up the fish in a tree to stop predators from getting their paws on it.  While Joe and Jim were collecting wood for the fire.  When Jim and Joe got back the salmons were being grilled on the fire.  They turned out to be smoky black, but if you rubbed on the skin a little bit, the black stuff would come off and I was left with a pinkish salmon.  We ate the fish in almost silence.  Almost silence because we were in the forest and there was obviously the constant chatter of birds, and the squeaking of small mammals and the clicking of insects.  I was very tired after the long journey here and decided to go to bed early...

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