A girl called Pippa is going to visit her Gran, who lives in the mountainous forests of America. But just as the journey begins all things turn terribly wrong.


7. Chaos in the Camp

I just stood there, wondering if the bear was near. Then out of nowhere a scream came from the camp area. It was Jim! The bear must be in camp! As soon as he screamed I started to run again. As I was running through the thick forest woodlands, more and more screams came from camp, every time someone screamed I ran a little bit faster than I did a moment before. I was nearly there. I was about to step into the camp site, when all the screaming stopped. I stopped. Nothing happened for a while. I was frozen, dreading walking into camp to see what had happened. I couldn’t be scared and I needed to put down the twigs or my arm would fall off. So I slowly walked into camp, my heart pumping, feeling like it was about to explode inside of me. I could feel the pulse ringing through my ears. The sight I saw was something that would haunt me for the rest of my life. It was dreadful, unthinkable. All I could do is slump down and cry.

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