A girl called Pippa is going to visit her Gran, who lives in the mountainous forests of America. But just as the journey begins all things turn terribly wrong.


6. Barefooted

I got up from my warm cosy sleeping bag and stepped outside.  The coldness drifted around my legs and up my body.  I couldn’t waste any time to think about shoes or warm clothes, so I dashed out of the campsite and up the hill.  I needed dry wood to start the fire, but all of it was damp.  Maybe I could find some inside a bush, or under a large tree...

I ran through the forest brushing past wet tree branches to hopefully find some dry wood.  In front of me was a tall rock, maybe if I climbed up it I would be able to see a place to find wood.  I climbed up the rock clinging onto jagged pieces of rock poking out of the bolder.  I reached the top and started to look around.  Just as I had predicted up ahead was a big blackberry bush.  I ran to the bush, in a hurry to get back.  I walked around the bush looking for a small entrance for me to squeeze into, and there in the back of the bush is a small opening.  I crawled inside.  Small spiky twigs stuck to my coat making it harder to push past.  When I thought I was in the middle of the bush I started to reach out and grab a huge bunch of twigs.  They were dry, luckily, but the thorns on the twigs dug into my hand sending a powerful pain up my arm.  It hurt so much, but I still carried on grabbing more and more twigs.  I was determined to get back to camp and to start the fire again, nothing can stop me.  The more I thought about getting back to camp, the less my arm hurt.

As soon as my arms and hands were completely full of twigs I crawled out of the bush.  There was no time to waste so I ran quickly back in the same direction I came to get back to camp.  When I reached the rock I heard something in the distance... It sounded like a........ A... BEAR!

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