One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


9. Chapter 9. (sexual content)

(sexual content /smut/) (16+ chapter)

Louis woke up the following morning next to a heated up Harry. During the night Louis had removed the duvet from them, because of the heat, but it didn’t seem to have helped on Harry. “Why did he also stay out in the rain” Louis thought to himself, as he held his hand to Harrys forehead. He was burning hot. Louis got out of bed and walked downstairs to get Harry some water. When he came back to the room Harry was sitting on the edge of the bed, only wearing boxers, looking down at the ground. “How are you feeling?” Louis asked gently. Harry looked up a bit shocked cause he hadn’t seen Louis coming in. Louis sat down next to Harry, poured up water in a glass to Harry. “A bit of a headache” Harry said rubbing his eyes. Louis offered Harry the glass. He emptied it within no time. “Next time, we chose a better weather to make a scene in” Harry said, looked at Louis and smiled when they made eye contact. Louis smiled and laughed a bit. “Fool” He said and laid his head on Harrys shoulder. “But you still love me” Harry said looking down at Louis, to see his reaction and to get it confirmed after what happened. Louis nodded slowly and Harry looked back at the glass in his hands relieved. “I think you should take a bath” Louis said interrupting the silence. “Do I smell that bad?” Harry asked surprised, lifted his arm and smelled under it. “No” Louis said and laughed dim. “It’s just to cool you down” He continued. “You think I’m hot?” Harry asked with a deep flirty voice. “Do you always get that sexual when you’re sick?” Louis asked and looked calmed at Harry. “It happens” Harry said and smirked.  Louis shook his head and stood up. “Are you coming?” Louis asked and looked back at Harry. “Are you joining me?” Harry asked teasing Louis “Cause else I refuse” he continued crossing his arms over his chest. Louis looked resignedly at him with a smile on his face. “Oh, so it’s Harry five years old again?” Louis asked and walked over to him. “I can play that game too” He said and sat down on knees behind Harry on the bed. He stated to tickle Harry in his sides, making him twist from side to side. “Have you quite finished yet?” Louis asked and leaned in to Harry from behind. “Not quite” Harry replied, took Louis’ arms and pulled him closer to his back, so his head was next to his own, kissing him on the cheek. “It would’ve been on the mouth, but I won’t make you sick” Harry said and looked Louis in the eyes. Louis put his nose all close to Harrys and rubbed them against each other while looking him in the eyes. “You still have to go get a bath” Louis said low while smiling. “You still have to make me company” Harry said and bit his lower lip. Louis rolled his eyes, but followed Harry out on the bathroom.

Louis turned on the water to the bathtub, while Harry sat down on the toilet. Louis held his hand down in the water to be sure it wasn’t too cold, but either too hot. “I think it’s ready now Haz” Louis said and looked over at Harry. He stood up and took off his boxers. He sent Louis a naughty glance, before stepping down into the water slowly. He let out a little moan when he sat down. “Oh stop complaining” Louis said with a laugh. Harry slowly slipped down the water, while looking at Louis with half closed eyes. Louis considered the bigger boy, his muscles and just his whole nude body in general. He was interrupted from his gaze, by Harry splashing water on him. “Hey” Louis exclaimed annoyed and a bit shocked.”Enjoying the view?” Harry asked teasing. Louis rolled his eyes and shook his head, but before he knew, Harry pulled him down in the bathtub to him, still wearing boxers and t-shirt. “Oh Jesus Harry!” Louis complained, but Harry just splashed more water on him. Louis stepped out of the bathtub all soaked. He held his arms out to each side looking down at himself, then looking over at Harry who just laughed. “Just you wait” Louis said biting his lower lip. “There will be revenge” He continued taking off his soaked t-shirt.

Later that day when both of them were wearing dry clothes, they lay in the couch in the living room watching tv. Louis leaning in to Harry, who had his arm around Louis. “There’s a bit empty in the house, isn’t there?” Louis asked looking up at Harry, who shrugged his shoulders, not really seeming like he cared. Louis looked back at the tv. “Are you feeling better?” Louis asked a little after. “Actually yes” Harry replied looking down at Louis. “I think the bath helped” He continued and stroke Louis’ arm. Louis smiled and leaned closer in to Harry who tightened his grip around the smaller boy a bit. “Lou” Harry whispered after a little while. “Mhm?” Louis asked and stroked Harrys hand lying over his shoulder. “Do you.. uhm.. wanna try it? You know..” Harry asked hesitantly and looked down at Louis. Louis stopped stroking Harry’s hand and looked at him. “Uhm, I don’t know” he said a little unsure. Louis was still not sure if he felt ready. “Louis, do you love me?” Harry asked and turned off the tv. “Of course I do Harry” Louis said and looked at Harry. “I love you too, Louis. So why are you so unsure?” Harry asked. Louis shrugged his shoulders and looked away for a minute. “We don’t have to go all the way, do we?” Louis asked unsure. Harry shot his head up and looked at Louis. “Whenever you want to stop, we stop, okay?” he said. Louis nodded, still a little unsure, but a bit more comfortable about it. Harry leaned down and kissed the older boy. Louis smiled between Harry’s kisses. Louis started to laugh between the kisses and Harry stopped and smirked  up at Louis after which he leaned down to kiss him again. He slid his hands under Louis’ shirt and rubbed over his chest. “Let’s take this to the bedroom” Louis said and smirked. Harry stood up. “I’ve got a better idea” he said and pulled Louis with him outside, over to the tree house. Louis only got through the hatch before he was pushed against the wall by Harry. “I’m gonna make you feel so good” Harry whispered and started to kiss him down his neck. Louis placed his hand on the back of Harry’s neck and pulled his face closer to him. He let his other hand go down and under Harry’s shirt. He felt the fit body under his warm hands and stroked Harry’s stomach. He felt the muscles flex under his touch while Harry was still kissing Louis’ neck. He then pulled away and looked into Louis eyes to see if he hesitated, but he didn’t see anything, but love and lust. Harry smiled at Louis and kissed him again. They opened their mouths and Harry sucked gently on Louis’ tongue. Louis moaned and wrapped his arms, under Harry’s shirt around his waist, pulling Harry against him. Harry grinded into Louis’ crotch, making them both moan. Harry let Louis’ tongue go and pulled him towards the mattress. He pushed Louis on the mattress and pulled off his t-shirt. Harry looked at Louis and slid the shirt of his shoulders. Louis lifted his back up so he could take it off and threw it on the ground. He kissed Louis again, to reassure him. He kissed his chin, to his jawline and his neck again, sucking on the skin to leave a love bite. He soothed it with his wet tongue, lapping over the love bite before he kissed down to his collarbones. He kissed him down till he placed kiss above the waistband of Louis’ jeans. Harry sat up again and unbuttoned Louis’ jeans. He pulled them down his legs and hovered over him again. He straddled him so his knees were next to Louis’ thighs. He kisses both of his hips. He scraped his teeth against Louis’ hipbones, making him shudder. He placed a row of kisses above the waistband of Louis’ boxers. He could see his huge bulge through it, making Harry only harder then he already was. He placed a kiss on Louis’ boxers where his erection was. Louis let out a sigh between his lips and looked down at the boy that was between his legs. Harry hovered over Louis again and kissed his lips. While they were making out, Harry’s hand went down and into Louis’ boxers. He grabbed his penis in his warm hands and stroked his hand up and down. Louis squirmed under Harry. “Haz” he moaned quietly. “I know Lou, I know” Harry said and stroked his cheek, while his lips brushed over Louis’ cheek to his forehead. He was still stroking him and swiped a thumb across Louis’ tip. Harry got his hand out of Louis’ boxer and pecked his lips one more time before he went down. He pulled Louis’ boxers down, his erection jumping free and slapping against his stomach. Harry threw Louis’ boxers on the ground and wanted to wrap his hand around Louis’ cock, but Louis stopped him. Harry looked questioningly at Louis. “You’re wearing too much clothes.” Louis said with a smirk on his face. Harry couldn’t help it but chuckle at his remark. “Then help me take them off” he said. Louis sat up on his knees on the mattress and Harry did the same. Louis curled his fingers around the hem of Harry’s grey shirt. He lifted it up and pulled it over Harry’s head, his curls bouncing back in their place. Louis smirked and pushed them back from his eyes. He placed a kiss on Harry’s forehead and placed his hands on Harry’s worked out chest. He slid them down to the button of his trousers. He unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and pushed them down to his knees. Harry stood up from the mattress and took them off. “Boxers too” Louis said and looked at Harry’s boxers and smirked. Harry smirked too and hooked his thumbs behind the waistband and pulled them down. His cock jumping out. Louis gasped and Harry came back up on the mattress. He took Louis’ cock in his hand and stroked him up and down at a slow pace. He leaned down and took a long lick at Louis’ balls. Louis let out a shaky breath and propped himself up on his elbows to look at Harry. Harry winked at him and took a long lick on the underside of his erection. Louis hips shot up, begging Harry to take his dick in his mouth. Harry licked the underside again and took at the end, the red tip in his mouth, sucking it hard. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked in more of him. He almost had his full length inside his mouth, when he let Louis’ cock out again. He pulled himself up and kissed Louis. “Are you ready for this?” Harry whispered between the kisses. Louis nodded slowly. “But, we’ll take it slow right” He asked a bit unsure. “Off course” Harry said and kissed him on his forehead. “Okay, turn over”. Harry said and gave Louis space to do as he said. Louis turned over so he lay on hands and knees. Harry reached into a drawer and pulled out a lube and poured it over himself, stroking himself a few times. He placed his hands on Louis’ hips and positioned himself at his hole. “Are you ready Lou?” He asked gently. Louis took a deep breath a nodded. Harry slowly pushed himself into him as he saw Louis’ hands clench down on the mattress, his knuckled becoming white. “Are you allri..” “Oh fuck Haz, keep on.” Harry was interrupted by Louis. Louis groaned and Harry made it all the way in. He started thrusting in and out slowly teasing him a bit. “Harry move fucking faster you tease!” Louis shouted out and his moans filled the room. Harry started thrusting faster and faster like Louis wished for and both of their moans filled the quiet room. “I’m so close.” Louis groaned resting his head down in the sheets. “I know me too, wait.” Harry breathed as his thrusts got sloppier. After a few more Louis let go and cummed all over his stomach and the bed sheets, Harry let out a loud moan as his warm liquids filled Louis and Harry pulled out of him. Harry threw himself down in the sheets next to Louis as his chest moves up and down, trying to catch his breath. Harry turned his head to face Louis, his curls matted down to his sweaty forehead and his eyes shut. “That was…” Louis started “Amazing” Harry finished his sentence and smiled at him. “Exactly” Louis laughed looking over at Harry, who leaned in and kissed Louis on the mouth.
“Feeling better?” Louis asked and moved some curls from Harrys eyes. “Never felt better” Harry smirked and leaned in to kiss the smaller boy. They stayed up at the tree house for the rest of the day. 

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