One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
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Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


7. Chapter 7.

The next morning they woke up as usual, with Harrys arm around Louis and Louis laying close in to Harry. Louis almost hasn’t been sleeping the whole night. He spent the most of night thinking about what he could do to surprise Harry. Several ideas went through his mind. They could go to the beach? Or go out watch a movie in the cinema? Or maybe go out and eat on a restaurant? But none of his ideas seemed to add up to Harrys. At the end it was so late at night and Louis fell asleep. He woke up feeling Harrys fingers running through his hair. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Harry who was smiling at him. “Morning” Harry said with a cute smile on his lips. Louis yawned. He smiled and moved himself closer into Harry. They laid there for a moment, and Harry gently stroked Louis’ bare back under the sheet.
“I’ve heard there’s a party at one of the clubs down the city tonight” Harry said softly. Louis opened his eyes. “Should we go?” Harry continued. Louis lay and thought a about it. What about his plans for him and Harry? “Uhm.. yeah..” Louis said a bit hesitantly. Harry understood from Louis hesitantly answer that he wasn’t quite into it. “Are there somewhere you wanna go instead?” Harry asked. “Uhm, I thought, maybe you and I could.. ehm.. go to the cinema?” Louis said softly, and quite spontaneous, and looked up at Harry. Harry looked a little surprised, but then smiled. “Off course we can go to the cinema! What shall we see?” Harry asked, totally into the idea. Louis thought a little. “Maybe we can just go to the cinema and pick a movie when we’re there?” Louis asked. “Sure” Harry said and smiled bright.

Later, they were ready to go out of the door and go to the cinema.
Louis opened the door to the cinema for Harry and let him go in first. Harry looked at him when he passed him and smiled. Louis smiled back, followed Harry inside and closed the door behind them. They walked up to the girl behind the counter and looked at the posters with movies there were showing this night. Louis let Harry choose the movie and he picked a drama/romantic combined movie, who actually sounded quite exciting to Louis. They got their tickets and bought some popcorns and soda. They walked into the big hall and found their seats in the rear of the hall. There were still 20 minutes before the movie began.   
Before the movie was about to start, Louis leant into Harry. “We can go to the club after the movie, if you want to?” Louis whispered in Harrys ear. Harry turned his head and nodded while smiling. Louis smiled and sat back in his seat.
In the middle of the movie, Harry suddenly took Louis hand and intertwined their fingers. They made eye contact and both knew what the other wanted. The movie actually didn’t interest them, so they leaned against each other and pressed their lips against each others and paid only attention on each other. Louis could feel Harry smile through the kiss, and could tell he enjoyed it just as much as he did himself. Louis laid his hand on Harrys thigh and kept it there after they pulled back from the kiss.
Afterwards they started to throw popcorns to each other so the other could catch it with his mouth, because honestly, the movie wasn’t that interesting at all. The people in front of them turn around several times and asked them to be quite, because they were a bit noisy. They just laughed muted and throw popcorn at each other instead.

After the movie they walked down the street to try and find the club where the party was about to take place. They found it and stepped inside. There were already very crowded, the music was playing loud and quite many people were drunk and dancing. Harry took Louis hand and led him with him to the bar. They made their orders, took their drinks with them and found a table where they could sit. “Quite many people here, huh?” Harry had to shout, for Louis to hear him. Louis nodded and took a sip of his drink. He looked around and got eye on some girls from his old class. They saw him too and walked in the direction of their table. They sat down next to Louis and Harry and started to talk to them. “Heeey Louis” One of them said and leaned in to hug him. She was pretty drunk. “How are you?” She said with a raised voice. “Yeah, it’s long time since we’ve seen you” one of the others who were sitting next to Harry shouted. Louis looked short at Harry, who didn’t really know what to do, sitting between two foreign girls. Louis took a quick sip of his drink. “Yeah, I kinda dropped out of school” Louis answered. “But why?” the on sitting next to him asked and looked him in the eyes. Louis could tell she was really drunk by the look in her eyes. Louis looked at Harry again. “Because of reasons” He answered back and smiled. “As long as you’re good” She shouted and stood up. She almost fell when she jumped down from her seat, but found the balance and was about to walk away. “Are you coming?” She shouted back at the girl sitting next to Harry. She was flirting extremely with Harry, but he didn’t notice and if he did he wouldn’t care, he was busy ending his drink. The girl, who had been sitting next to Louis, came back and pulled her with her. “Forget it, he’s Louis” she said half drunk, half joking, and they disappeared in the crowd. Louis and Harry looked at each other, made eye contact and laughed.
A little further, Harry asked if Louis was ready for another round. He stood up, ready to walk to the bar. Louis was about to stand up too, but Harry offered to get to both of them. Louis sat down again and nodded. It went a little while, and Harry was still not back. Louis looked in the direction of the bar, but couldn’t see Harry. He decided to walk up to the bar, to see what Harry was doing and what took him so long. Louis pushed through the crowd up to the bar. He stopped in sudden, when he saw why Harry was so long time about it. He stood in the bar and kissed intense with the girl who had been flirting with him earlier. Louis didn’t know what to do. Seeing Harry kiss someone else, also particular a girl, felt like a knife stabbing him several times in the heart. He walked a little closer to see if it really was Harry, but it was. “Harry?” Louis said with tears in his voice. He didn’t know if he should run or stay or whatever he should do. Harry looked up, and got eye on Louis. He pulled himself back and pushed the girl away, who promptly was annoyed. Louis stood with tears in his eyes and didn’t know what to do or say, but when Harry walked against him, he walked backwards. “Louis.. Louis please..” Harry begged, but Louis just shook his head, turned around and pushed himself through the crowd to get to the door. Harry walked after him a got a grip of Louis’ wrist. Louis stopped up and looked at him, now crying. “Louis please.. it wasn’t.. we wasn’t..” Louis pulled his arm free and looked disappointed at Harry. He shook his head again and pushed himself the last way to the door. Harry stood back. He didn’t know what to do. When Louis was out of the door, he walked fast down the street. He stopped up and aggressively kicked a trash can. He cried continuous. He heard someone call his name from behind. He turned around and saw Harry come running in his direction. Louis turned around and started to run away. Harry was the last person he wanted to talk to right now. Harry knew he wasn’t able to run Louis up, so he stopped and smashed his hand against a wall. He stood with his back against the wall and looked at the moon. Tears started to roll down his chins. He sniffled a few times and wiped the tears away. From an alley on the opposite side of the street, Harry could see someone coming out of the shadows. “Well, well, well.. isn’t it the little thiefy shit’s boyfriend himself?” The boys from Louis’ old school walked up to Harry and stood in a semicircle around him. “What do you want?” Harry asked annoyed. “Isn’t it obvious?” The leader of them asked and snorted. “Revenge” He said and walked closer to Harry. He held a lighter in his hand, turned it on and held it all close to Harrys face. “Those curls aren’t that pretty anymore if you don’t watch out” He said threatening and turned off the lighter again. “Where is he?” He asked Harry. “Not here” Harry replied provocative. The boy laughed ironic, but fast clenched his fist and hit Harry right in the stomach. Harry fell down on his knees and held his arms around his stomach winching. “You’re used to that position aren’t you?” The boy asked and stood right in front of Harry looking down at him. The boys around them laughed. “Or is it rather him kneeling, you enjoying?” The boy asked and sat down on knees right in front of Harry. Harry looked at him, still feeling the pain in his stomach. The boy took Harrys cheek and looked him directly in the eyes. He held up the lighter from before and turned it on right next to Harrys chin. Harry saw the flame coming closer and could feel the heat on his chin. He tried to move his head, but he couldn’t because of the boy holding his cheek. Harry could feel the fear rise in him. “What do you want with him?” Harry asked with a raised, but still nervous voice. The boy smiled short. He tightened his grab around Harrys cheek and pushed him back, up against the wall. “I’ll tell you what I want! I want to learn that little shit some respect, so I suggest you to tell or even better show me where he is!” The boy replied. Harry didn’t answer. He just looked at the boy. The boy snorted and looked down at the ground. “Look. I know you know where he is, and to make it all much easier, why don’t you just tell me?” The boy looked up at Harry. “Come on.. It’s not like he can have such a big importance to you, he’s just an indifferent freak” Harry could feel the anger rise inside him while the boy was talking. He shook his head, so that the boy let go of his grip. Harry stood up and so did the boy. Harry walked closer him, and the boys around them came closer. “Chill boys. I got this” the boy said and made the others step back. “I’ll tell you what kind of importance that ‘indifferent freak’ has to me” Harry said and walked even closer to the boy. “That ‘indifferent freak’ made me realize something.” Harry said. “What? That you’re cock sucking freak just like him?” The boy asked arrogantly and made all the other boys around them laugh. Harry ignored him. “That there are people out there to trust and to have faith in, otherwise you who only have friends because they’re afraid of what your sick-twisted head is capable of.” Harry said and made the boy mad. “What did you just say?” The boy asked and pushed Harry up the wall. “What the hell did you just say?!” The boys shouted and was about to go crazy on Harry, when they heard sirens from a police car coming closer. “This isn’t fucking over!” The boy said threatening, turned around and ran away with the rest of the boys behind him. Harry looked after them and breathed out. He saw the lighter lying on the ground. He picked it up and threw it down on the ground so it crashed.

He went through the front door of the house and locked it behind him. He went upstairs and slowly opened the door to his room. Louis wasn’t in there and he got a little nervous. He went down the hall and knocked on Simons door. A moment later, the door was opened. Simon stood in sleepwear and looked confused. “Harry?” Before Simon had the chance to end his sentence Harry interrupted him. “Where’s Louis? Is he home? He left the club and I..” “Calm down Harry. He came home half an hour ago heartbroken and cheerless. What happened?” Simon asked confused. Harry was relieved. “I’ll explain you later, but where is he?” Harry asked. “He asked for a room for himself, and asked me to tell you to leave him alone. Harry, what happened at that club?” Simon asked and looked serious at Harry. Harry took a deep breath. “I was up in the bar to get us some drinks, when a girl out of all sudden came up to me and started to kiss me. I didn’t have the chance to react before Louis stood behind us and saw it all. He misunderstood it. It wasn’t what it looked like, but he didn’t give me the chance to explain. Please Simon, I need to explain it to him.” Harry begged. Simon breathed out. “Just let him sleep on it, and wait till tomorrow. You also look like one who needs some sleep. Go to bed and get some sleep, and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Simon said. Harry looked distraught at Simon, but walked back to his own room and lay down in his bed. Thousand of
thoughts went through his head and first hours later, he fell asleep.  


Hey there
I've actually had this idea about Louis being mad at Harry because of this kiss, right from the start. I just wanted the right moment in the story to come. Hope you like the story so far and that you'll keep on reading. :)
Maria xoxo

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