One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
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Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


6. Chapter 6.

Louis woke up the next afternoon still lying all close to Harry. He had a terrible headache caused a hangover. He rubbed his eyes and caused his makeup, his hands was covered in black eye shadow. He winked and sighed. He felt Harrys grip around his hip got tightening and heard a little moan from Harry. Louis smiled for himself and turned his body around so he lay face to face with Harry. He started to stoke Harrys cheek and could see a little smile on Harrys lips. “Goodmorning” Louis said smiling with a low voice. Harry winked a few times and opened his eyes. He snorted a little. “You look like a panda” he said with his deep sleepy morning voice. Louis smiled. “You’re not much better yourself”. Louis laid his head on Harrys chest and closed his eyes. Harry rested his head on the top of Louis’ head. They lay there a little while without any of them talking. “You were so drunk last night” Harry said interrupting the silence. “Uhm yeah, I can tell by my hangover” Louis replied. Harry snorted and ran his hand through Louis hair.
They spent the rest of the day in the couch down the living room, eating chips and watching movies.

Days passed by and they didn’t see anything to the police or Louis’ mom, but then one day, when Harry wasn’t home, Louis received a letter. The only thing standing on the outside was “To Louis”. He opened it and read it:


“Dear Louis,
I know it’s a hard time you’re going through and I know I haven’t been the best to be there for you, and I want you to know I’m really sorry. You must think I’m a terrible mother, and I have to realize that I might am. I was only thinking about what I thought was best for you, such as a good education and good job, but I have now realized that where you are now, and how you’re living is what you really want. I didn’t actually realize how you felt until the second time you ran away. The first time I thought you would come again later that night, but when you didn’t I was dead nervous. And when I then saw you ran away the second time it felt like a knife stabbed in my chest. I’m so sorry Louis, I really am! The only one I can blame is myself. I’ve told the police to stop searching for you, because I know where you are now, and I know you’re happy where you are. That’s all that matters for me now. You can safely walk the streets now, without being nervous the police will take you away. I won’t ask you to come home, because I know it’s not the way it works, all I want is for you to be happy, and to know I’ve accepted your new way of living. Besides that I have opted you out of the school, so you don’t have to worry about that.
Lastly I just want you to know that I love you! I might haven’t showed it, but I do, and I accept your choices. I really hope you’re happy and I want you to know that you’re always welcome here.
Mom xoxo.”

Louis read it twice, trying to understand it. Did his mom really just let him go? He couldn’t believe it. But he felt a stone fell from his heart. He was relieved. Finally he and Harry could go outside and feel free. He really wanted to tell Harry, but unfortunately, Harry wasn’t home. He hasn’t been the whole day actually and Louis started to get a bit nervous. Thoughts started to run through Louis’ head. What if something had happened? What if the police had.. no they wouldn’t. He’s mom just wrote they would leave them alone.. but what if the boys from Louis’ school had found him and.. but, Harry was too smart to let them catch him. He was probably just out stealing from people’s pockets and stuff. But, what if the police had caught him there? Louis got really nervous. Harry was a good pickpocket, but if the police kept an eye on him anyway, then.. Louis jumped up from the couch and searched to house, trying to find Simon. He couldn’t so he asked one of the others from the house where he were. “He mumbled something about the city and something about a bail, I think” a smaller boy said. Louis froze. A bail? Louis got really nervous now. A bail for who? For Harry? Louis was so confused and so scared. What if they kept Harry in jail, but he was too young to get in jail, Louis calmed himself. But there was still youth jail. Louis rushed out of the front door and ran down the street to the city. He hurried through the streets of the city, trying to remember where the police station was. He bumped into several people, without giving it a thought. The only thing going through his mind was to know if Harry was alright. He found the police station, but before he went in, he stopped and thought. Was it a good idea to walk straight into a police station when he previously was reported missing. What if the police recognized him? He was willing to take the chance for Harry. He opened the door and went straight to the man behind the desk. “Excuse me” Louis said when the man didn’t take notice of him. The man looked up from the computer and looked at Louis. “Uhm?” The man said with an annoyed mine. “I was just wondering if a Harry Styles was retained here.” Louis asked cautiously. “That god damn kid has just been released.” The man replied annoyed. Louis breathed out in relief. “We finally caught that little dodger. Next time we won’t let him go again that easy” He continued mumbling when he went back to the computer. “Well, ehm, thanks” Louis said. The man grunted and mumbled something Louis didn’t hear. He was too busy getting home. Maybe Harry and Simon were arrived already. Louis ran all the way home and went breathless through the front door. He hurried upstairs and slowly opened the door to Harrys room. He really hoped to see Harry when he looked through the door. And yes, Harry was sitting on the bed, reading the letter from Louis’ mom he just had let lying open on the bed. Harry looked up and a bright smile came on his face. He jumped up from the bed and went straight to Louis, embraced him in a tight hug. Louis swung his arms around Harrys back, tightening the hug. Louis could hear Harry snuffle, and pulled his head back to look at him. “Are you alright?” Louis asked and could see tears in Harrys eyes. Harry sniffled and nodded. He wiped some of the tears away from his eyes and smiled. Louis pulled him into a tight hug again. “I was so nervous” Louis said softly. “I’m so sorry. I feel so guilty and..” Harry said between his sniff. “Don’t” Louis interrupted him “it’s alright now. We’re together again and everything is gonna be okay” he continued. Harry sniffed and Louis could feel he tightened the hug a bit. “I love you” Harry said softly. “I love you too Haz” Louis replied.

Later when Simon knocked on the door, Harry and Louis were lying in the bed. Harry was lying with his head on Louis’ lap half asleep and still with some tears in his eyes, and Louis was stroking Harrys hair. They both looked up when Simon went through the door. Simon smiled when he saw them lying like that. “I know it has been a tough day boys, but I need to talk with you” Simon said and walked to the bed. He sat down on the edge. Harry and Louis looked curious at him. “I talked with the police at the police station, and they told me your mother has called off the inquiry of you Louis” Simon said. Louis nodded. Either he or Harry could see what Simon wanted with that information. They both already knew. “And because of that, both of you can now free go out, but boys..” Simon continued. Louis and Harry looked at him. “Please be careful out there. The police might leave you alone, if they see you but they will keep an eye on you, because they know you and know what you’re able to.” Harry and Louis looked at each other and then back at Simon. They both nodded. “I just don’t want any of you two ending up in youth jail.” When Simon taught they seemed to understand, he stood up and walked to the door. Before he went through the door, he looked back and smiled at Louis and Harry. “And by the way, we’re having pizza for dinner” He said and walked out through the door. Harry and Louis looked at each other, smiled, stood up and walked downstairs.

When they had finished the dinner, it was quite late. Some of the others from the house decided to watch movies the whole night, but either Louis or Harry was in the mood, so they just walked upstairs and went to bed. They just laid there in some time talking about different things. They out of nowhere started to talk about Harrys biological parents. “I actually never really knew them.” Harry started “When I was about 1½ year, my dad left me and my mom and we never heard from him since. Then one day, I was six I think, I came home from school and my grandparents were there and ambulances were holding outside our house and I think a police car too. My grandmother took my hand and sat down with me. She explained that I had to live with them from now on, because my mom was going on vacation for a long time. I really didn’t understand any of it. Everything happened so fast. But I remember that my grandparents couldn’t get the permission to have me, so they took contact to my dad, who was the only one else who was able to take care of me. Or what they would call it” Harry breathed in. “Calling that bastard my dad would be a shame. He was almost never home and when he was, he was always drunk or ratty. One day, when he was really drunk and something had pissed him off, he started to quarrel with himself. He ended up blaming me for everything and said I was the source for all of his problems. I didn’t know what to answer, I mean I was about six. He ended out saying that he truly understood why my mom killed herself, because of me. Then everything suddenly made sense for me. My mom didn’t go on vacation. She.. “ Harry stopped. Louis looked at him, putting an arm around him. “it’s okay Harry, I get it, you don’t have to continue” Louis said and pulled Harry into him. Harry sniffed short. “I had enough of him.” He continued anyway. “I took my favorite teddy and put him down my bag. When my dad fell asleep on the couch, I sneaked out through the front door and ran away. Thousands of thoughts went through my mind. I don’t remember where I went or what I did. But later that night I met a man who asked where my parent was. “Gone” I replied short. The man asked who I then lived with and I again shortly replied “nobody”. Even though I’ve always learned from my mom not to talk to strangers, I’m glad I talked to that man that night, because that one man have been like the dad I never really had. ““Simon” Louis said gently and looked down at Harry while smiling. “Uhm” Harry said and pulled himself closer in to Louis.

“But what actually happened today?” Louis asked a little after, but he didn’t get any reply. He looked down and saw Harry was felt asleep. He smiled for himself. He wouldn’t move Harry, but he had to, so they both could lay comfortable tonight. Harry only growled a bit, when Louis lay down, but pulled himself closer to Louis when he had lain down. Louis gently ran his hand through Harrys curls while smiling before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Suddenly in the middle of the night, Louis woke up. Thoughts about Harrys past went through his mind again and again. He really wished he could do something for him. He laid there in long time thinking. Harry was fast asleep and snored a bit. Louis decided it was his turn to do something for Harry. Something like when they were out on the sea in the boat. He just didn’t know what it should be yet. 

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