One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


5. Chapter 5. (sexual content)

(sexual content /smut/) (16+chapter)
Later the next day, people in the house were really excited about the party tonight. Louis and Harry had volunteered to help with the decorations to the party. The theme for tonight’s party was pirates. Everybody was quite excited. Louis and Harry had been up since 10 am, and been around in the house trying to find something to wear for the party. Now they were about to help decorating the hall. They actually didn’t have any kind of ideas about how to decorate it, but in the end, it succeeded them.

Louis sat on Harrys bed, watching him dress up. There was only half an hour for the party to start. Harry had got them some rum and Louis sat sipping to the glass. “It has to be rum, else we’re not real pirates” Harry had said. Louis was quite excited about tonight, but still a little nervous because of what happened last time he and Harry were drunk. He forgot about his thoughts when Harry leant down in front of him and kissed him on the nose. Louis smiled and looked up at him. “Ready for tonight?” Harry asked already a little affected by the alcohol. He had been drinking more than Louis and was in advance easy affected. Louis nodded. Harry sat down next to Louis on the bed. “Wanna scarce me?” Harry asked and sat with an open shirt looking at Louis. Louis started to scarce the buttons. “You look amazing” Harry said about Louis being dressed up as a pirate. Louis looked up. “You too” Louis replied smiling and looked down on the buttons, continued very concentrated. “Done” Louis said and looked up at Harry while smiling. Harry looked very concentrated at Louis and smiled bright. “I love you” Harry said and leant in to kiss Louis, who also leant forward and kissed him on the mouth. His breath smelled quite a lot of rum. “Now let’s drink” Harry said as they pulled back from the kiss. He took the bottle of rum and drank as if he was a real pirate.
A little later, it knocked on the door. “Come in” Harry yelled. Through the door came Jessica, one of the girls who also has run away from home and lived in the house. “Are you guys ready for the make-up?” She asked as she entered the room. “Bring it!” Harry said and raised his glass like a pirate. Jessica laughed. “Then come over here and let me do my work” she said, took a chair and sat it in the middle of the room. Harry stood up and walked to Jessica. He sat down on the chair. He swayed a little. “How drunk are you?” Jessica asked while laughing. “This much” Harry replied and threw his arm out to each side. “Drunken idiot” she said as she found some eyeliner and black eye-shadow. “Try and sit still” she said and started to put on the make-up on Harry. Louis could see Harry made his best not to move. He even stuck out his tongue in concentration. “Cute tongue of yours” Louis said teasing him. Harry started to lick his lips in a sexual way and ended out winking at Louis, who blushed a bit. “Aaand done” Jessica said when she has ended Harrys make-up. Harry jumped down from the chair and walked swaying over to the mirror, looking at himself. Louis stood up, walked over to the chair and sat down. Jessica started to put on his make-up. “Now close your eyes” Jessica said. Louis closed them and felt the brush on his eyelids. He wasn’t use to this feeling, but it actually felt nice. Suddenly he felt two hands going through his hair from behind and he heard Jessica snort. The hands went from his hair further down to his chest. Louis assumed it was Harry, who should it else be. When Jessica had finished, Louis opened his eyes and winked a little. When he looked up at Harry, Harry started to kiss him. Louis kissed him back and could feel Harry smile through the kiss which made Louis smile.
When they came downstairs the party was already started. Jessica disappeared in the crowd. Harry took Louis’ hand and pulled him with him to the bar.  “Two glasses of rum” Harry yelled at the bartender and showed him two fingers. When the bartender turned around with the two glasses, Louis leant in over the bar and yelled that they would like to take the rest of the bottle with them. The bartender handed Louis the bottle and he and Harry sat down at a table. Two bottles of rum, some beers and shots later, both of them were quite drunk. Harry poured the last of the bottle in their glasses. Harry raised his glass and so did Louis. “Toast!” they shouted and bottomed their glasses. Harry took Louis’ hand and pulled him with him out on the dancefloor. The music played loud. Louis and Harry danced close to each other and touched each other passionately. Pulled each other closer and kissed passionately. Harry moved his hands farter down and ended placing them on Louis’ arse. Louis stopped kissing Harry for a moment and looked at him a little shocked. Harry just smiled a cheeky smile, and started to kiss Louis again. Louis ran his hand through Harrys curls and Harry let out a small pleased moan. Harry started to kiss Louis down the neck and Louis leant back his head enjoying it. Suddenly he felt Harry kissing him harder and he started to suck instead of kissing. Louis stepped a little back because of the pain, but Harry pulled him back and started to kiss him up along the neck. He stopped and moaned a bit, which turned Louis on. “I want you” Harry whispered in Louis’ ear with his deep attractive voice. They made a short eye contact, Louis smiled a cheeky smile and Harry took Louis’ hand pulling him with him upstairs.

All the way up the stairs and down through the hallway their kisses got more and more intense and they got more and more turned on. Harry fumbled with the doorknob while kissing Louis, but it succeeded him to get the door opened and they got inside the room. While Harry locked the door, Louis walked to the bed and laid down on it. Harry turned around and started to fumble with the buttons on his shirt, but when it didn’t succeed him, he decided to just rip it off. Louis also did fumble with his buttons, but as Harry straddled Louis with a leg on each side of his hips, Harry ripped Louis’ shirt open to. He lay down on the top of Louis and started to kiss him, while helping him getting off his shirt. He kissed him down his neck, down his chest and further down his stomach, while Louis let out pleased moans. When Harry reached the wristband, he stopped and looked up at Louis. He smiled a cheeky smile and started to loosen his own belt. He pulled down his pants and afterwards started to open Louis’ belt. Louis ran his hand through Harrys hair and played with his curls. Harry pulled down Louis’ pants and crawled up to kiss him several times on the mouth. Harry ran his hand down Louis’s stomach and further down his abdomen. Still kissing, Harry gently started to palm Louis’ cock. Louis let out an excited moan through the kiss, which made Harry start to rub Louis’ cock. Louis got more and more turned on, and the more excited Louis became, the more intense the kisses got. Louis moved his hand from Harrys hair, down to his neck. He pressed their lips harder together and rolled Harry around, so that Louis was on top. The kisses got more and more intense. Harry moved his hands from Louis’ neck, down to his arse. Gently he started to pull down Louis’ boxers, but felt a hand on his own that made him stop his movement. He looked at Louis who looked a little uncertain. Harry decided to pull himself up to kiss him and bit Louis’ lower lip in the end of the kiss while smiling cheekily, which turn Louis on in a curtain way and made him let go of Harrys hand and started to run his hands through Harrys hair instead. Harry continued his action from before and pulled down Louis’ boxers. Harry took a grip of Louis’ cock and gently started to stroke it. Louis let out several moans and Harry speeded up his movements. Louis could feel his body give in, as he wasn’t use to this kind of pleasure.  Harry kept on stroking. Louis’ body gave after in a moan and he collapsed down on Harrys body. Harry let go of his penis and gently nuzzle his back instead. They were both still very drunk and Harry just laughed a bit at having Louis naked body on the top of him. He moved his hands from Louis’ back to his neck. “Are you okay?” he whispered in Louis’ ear. Louis laughed a bit and nodded. “Should we move further?” Harry asked and looked at Louis with a naughty glimt in his eyes. Louis winked a few times trying to understand what Harry meant, after which he smiled a cheeky smile. Harry rolled around so he lay on the top of Louis and started to lick and kiss him intense on the neck. Louis swung his arms around Harrys back, moving his hands back and front caress it. Harry kissed him down his neck further down his chest. Louis moved his hands down to the rubber band of Harrys boxers and led his hand down under them. Harry looked up quickly with an excited glimt in his eyes. Louis continued and got Harrys boxers off. Louis could see Harry was really excited and turned on, so Louis swung his arms around Harrys neck and pulled him down, kissing him passionately. Louis also swung his legs around him, pulling him further down to his body. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Harry asked interrupting the kiss. Louis nodded and smiled. Harry kissed him on the mouth, rolled around and opened a drawer in the chest of drawers, standing next to the bed. He took up a condom and a tube of lube. Harry crawled back to Louis and sat down between his legs. He putted some lube on two of his fingers and looked at Louis, who considered his movements. “Ready?” Harry asked and looked at Louis, who nodded. Harry gently lubricated Louis’ butthole and slowly pushed in one of his fingers. Louis let out a little moan and twisted his body, a little surprised about the ache. “Are you okay?” Harry asked and pulled out his finger fast. Louis nodded, pinched his eyes, opened them again and winked, “Just.. go on” He replied. Harry glanced briefly at him, but gently pushed his finger in his butthole again. Harry stuck his finger in and out in slow movements. Louis pinched his eyes and pulled his legs up, and stretched them again, trying to be comfortable. Harry tried to speed up a bit, which made Louis pull up his legs again and let out more excited moans.  Harry pushed in another finger and Louis grabbed the sheet, pinching his eyes hard. He felt those long fingers going in and out and was in a feeling between pain and enjoyment. He ran his hands through his hair, starting to feel a little more comfortable, while letting out gasps. He looked down at Harry, who was quite concentrated, but quickly looked up again and looked around the room. He let out several moans which was a combination of pleasure and ache, when suddenly Harry pulled out his fingers, starting to stroke Louis’ penis instead. Louis bit his lower lip and pinched his eyes. Harry leant forward kissing him on the mouth. Louis ran his hands through Harrys curls, and made the kisses more intense. They stopped for a minute and looked each other in the eyes. Louis make-up was totally messed up, because he was sweating. “Are you sure you wanna go on?” Harry asked with a lovedrunk voice. Louis kissed him quick and bit his lower lip. “I would go to the end of the world with you” Louis replied, laughed and hiccoughed, while moving his hands down Harrys stomach. Harry smiled and snorted. “You’re too dru..” Louis interrupted him by grabbing his cock and slowly started to stroke it. “My turn” he said with a cheeky smile. He sat up infront of Harry, and started to stroke his cock a little more passionate. Harry let out moans in pleasure and the more Harry moaned the faster Louis stroked. Harry leaned his head back and closed his eyes enjoying it, when suddenly he felt Louis’ breath down at his cock. He quick opened his eyes, but before he could even protest, Louis started to move his tongue in circle movements around to top of his cock. Louis looked up trying to look innocent. Harry smiled, but leaned back his head and clenched his teeth, when Louis, with no hesitation, took Harrys cock deeper inside his mouth and gently started to suck it. Harry moaned loud and ran his hand through Louis hair. Louis moved his head a little after and laid his arms around Harry neck pulling him into a kiss. Harry leaned forward and pushed Louis back. They both fell back so they lay next to each other. They looked at each other and smiled and laughed dim. Harry supported his head to his hand so he was slightly above Louis. He moved some hair from Louis’ face with his other hand. “I love you” he said with a low voice. “I love you more” Louis replied. Harry shook his head, while smiling because of Louis being drunk. “That’s not possible” Harry said and laid his head down. “But I do” Louis said serious and turned around so they lay face to face. “I love you more than Tarzan loves Jane, than Mickey loves Minnie, more than..” Harry laid a finger on his mouth making him quite. “You’re talking nonsense love” Harry said with a calm voice. “That’s just because I love you” Louis replied trying to be serious. Harry snorted and kissed him. Louis smiled and turned around, pushing himself closer into Harry, who laid a duvet over them, after which he laid his arm around Louis body holding him tight. “Goodnight” Harry whispered. He felt Louis fingers slide between his own, placing their hands on his stomach. “Goodnight” Louis whispered back. Harry snorted and found a comfortable position to lay in all close to Louis. He sighed and fell asleep. 

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