One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


4. Chapter 4.

The next morning, when Louis woke up, he laid alone. He sat up quick and looked around. “Harry? Harry where are you?” Louis said with a low voice. No one answered. “Oh shit” Louis whispered. He stood up and looked around in the room. He couldn’t spot Harry, so he walked towards the door leading upstairs, when suddenly it opened and Louis heart skipped a beat, afraid it was the police or something, but through the door came Harry with a tray full of breakfast. “Good morning” Harry said with a smile as he saw Louis “I thought you were hungry and I wouldn’t wake you up. It should’ve been a little surprise, but anyway, let’s sit down” Harry said walking towards their “bed”. “You almost scared the shit out of me there” Louis said when they sat down eating. “Why?” Harry asked with his mouth full of bread. “Because you weren’t there when I woke up and I thought something was went wrong”. “Hm, I’m sorry” Harry said “but it should’ve been a surprise you know and it’s..” “it’s okay Harry” Louis said smiling, interrupting him “as long as what I thought didn’t happened”. Harry looked at him and smiled. 
After a little while, when they were almost done eating, something suddenly went through Louis’ mind. “Wait a minute” Harry looked at him “You were upstairs, weren’t you?” Harry nodded “didn’t someone see you?” Louis asked wondering. “Yees” Harry replayed. “Then what?” Louis asked. Harry swallowed the last of his bread, “then I said good morning” he said shortly, knowing he was annoying Louis. Louis moaned irritated, “You educational boy huh? I mean didn’t someone react on seeing you? Don’t they know the police are looking for us?” Louis asked. “I guess they do” Harry replied, “but as I told you, people around here won’t say anything. We would never let each other down or stab each other in the bag” he continued. Louis nodded. 
“But.. then what? Are we just stuck down here?” Louis asked after a little while. “Theoretically, yes.” Harry said, “but off course we can go around in the house as we please, but it’s safer for us to stay down here, since the police most likely will come and look for you here often.” Louis sighed, “If only my mom would let me stay here and just leave me for my own”. Louis looked down. “I guess she just loves and cares about you” Harry said. “I know” Louis replied and pulled his knees up and held his arms around them, supporting his chin on them. He sighed. Suddenly he felt Harry put his arm around him, pulling him closer. Louis didn’t resist, and laid his head on Harrys chest.  Harry laid his hand on Louis’ shoulder and rubbed it gently.
They sat there for a while. “They’re having a party tomorrow night” Harry said interrupting the silence. “Uhm..” Louis murmured. “Should we join them?” Harry asked looking down at Louis. “Yeah, why not” Louis replied. Harry smiled for himself. 
“Should we go upstairs?” Harry asked after a little while. “Shouldn’t one of us check if it’s safe first?” Louis replied a little unsure. “You’re saying something” Harry said, standing up, “I’ll check” he said and smiled at Louis. 
Short after Harry came back, telling Louis the police wasn’t there. 
They walked into the living room and sat down in a couch. Louis leaned into Harry, and Harry gently laid his arm around him. 
“What plans do you have for today?” Louis asked looking at Harry. “Uhm, actually, I have a bit of a surprise for you” Harry said smirked. “Another surprise?” Louis asked with a wondering but still sarcastic tone. “Just you wait and see” Harry said with a joy in his voice. Louis snorted, wondering what Harry was up to. In the same moment Simon entered the room. “Oh there you are” he said, “I was down in the basement to look after you, but when you weren’t there, I thought you were already out on the lak..” Harry interrupted Simon by clearing his throat. “Simon..” Harry said with a raised voice. “Oh yeah, pardon. Anyway, I need to talk to you two before you leave the house” Simon said. “So now would be a good time?” Harry asked. “Now would be excellent” Simon replied turning around, walking out of the living room. Louis and Harry stood up and followed him up the stairs to his office. “Sit down please” Simon said when they had entered the room. “So boys, the case is that I need to know if you know what you are doing? Do you have it all under control? This has gone quite big now where the police are involved. I just want to make sure you kno..” “We know what we’re doing Simon” Harry interrupted with a harsh voice that made Louis look a bit startled at him. “Calm down Harry” Simon said with a raised voice, “I just don’t want this to end completely wrong.” Harry and Simon looked at each other for a bit. Louis didn’t know what to say or to do. He found the situation very awkward. “But as I said, we know what we’re doing” Harry suddenly said. “Are you sure?” Simon asked. “Off course I’m sure!” Harry said with a harsh and annoyed voice. He stood up and walked towards the door, he looked back at Louis “Are you coming?” He asked still with a little harsh voice. Louis didn’t know better than to stand up and follow Harry. He made a short eye contact with Simon, who looked a bit resignedly. 
Louis followed Harry into his room. Louis stayed at the door after closing it, and looked at Harry who sat down in the bed with a resignedly moan. Harry looked over at Louis, who cautiously walked against him. He sat down next to Harry. “I’m sorry about before” Harry started, “I didn’t mean to talk to you in that way.. It’s just..” “It’s okay Harry, it’s a stressful situation so it’s all okay. I didn’t take it personal” Louis said laying his arm around Harry. “Thanks” Harry looked at Louis and smiled which made Louis smile. “By the way, that surprise you were talking about earlier.. What is that about?” Louis asked curiously. “Oh yes, that’s right” Harry jumped up from the bed, “stay there” he said with an eager in his voice, while he started to rummage through drawers. Louis looked at him in wonder. “What are you do..” Harry interrupted him by pulling a piece of cloth up from a drawer. He sat down behind Louis on the bed, blindfolding him with the piece of cloth. “Stop, wait, Harry what are you doing?” Louis asked surprised. “It a part of the surprise. Just trust me” Harry said and tightened the knot. “Now what?” Louis asked, sitting on the bed blindfolded. “Now you just follow me” Harry said and took a grip of Louis wrist. Louis stood up and followed Harry. He held the arm straight out in the air, just so he didn’t walk into something. Harry snorted. “I got you. You won’t walk into anything, trust me”. Louis felt Harrys other arm around his hip.  They stopped when they reached to stairs. “Uhm” Louis heard Harry say, wondering how they should come down without falling. Louis felt Harry tightened his grip around his hip and started to lead him down the stairs. “You could also just carry me down?” Louis said as a joke, but in the same moment, he felt his legs lose the contact with the floor and then he was lying in Harrys arms. “It was just meant as a joke you know?” Louis asked a little unsure. “Yeah, but this is way easier” Harry replied. When they reached the end of the stairs, Harry sat Louis down, took his wrist and asked him to wait in the hall for a minute. When Harry came back, he had a lunch basket in his hand. He took a grip of Louis’ wrist again and led him with him out of the front door.
“Harry where are we going?” Louis asked when they’ve been walking for a little while. “We’re there soon. We’re just taking another way in case somebody should see us” Harry replied. Harry saw his sign to slide his hand down from Louis’ wrist and took his hand instead. Louis didn’t react on it, so Harry tightened his grip a bit, which made Louis walk closer to him. Harry smiled for himself. They walked for about five more minutes, when suddenly Harry stopped. Louis heard a voice greeting them, but as he was blindfolded he couldn’t see who the voice belonged to. “Welcome to my little boat rental” the unknown voice said “she’s lying right over there, ready as you asked for” he continued. “Thanks a lot” Louis heard Harry say, and then felt Harry pull him with him. Louis was a little unsure about the situation. Harry stopped and let go of Louis hand. “What exactly are we about to?” Louis asked a little nervous. “Take off the blindfold and see” Harry said with a little eager in his voice. Louis loosened the knot and took off the blindfold. He winked a few times so his eyes got used to the light and then looked around. They were at lake and Harry was in the process of making the boat ready which already was filled with carpets and pillows and the lunch basket Harry had brought. Harry looked up at Louis. “Surprised?” he asked with a big smile on his face. Louis nodded amazed. “Have you arranged all this?” Louis asked in wonder. Harry nodded, satisfied by Louis’ reaction. 
When they both were in the boat, Harry started to row out on the lake. Louis considered Harrys biceps as he rowed. They really were muscular. When they had rowed for a bit, Louis’ stomach started to rumble. “There are some strawberries in the basket” Harry said as he looked a Louis and smiled. Louis smiled and took the basket. He took up the bowl with the strawberries, took off the lid and started to eat. Louis really enjoyed the situation. It was so peacefully. Just him and Harry in a boat, on a lake, eating strawberries. Harry started to hum the lyrics from a song while he rowed. Louis didn’t recognize it, but smiled bright and let out a comfortable moan. Harry looked at him and smiled.  “You want one?” Louis asked and offered a strawberry to Harry. He opened his mouth as a yes. Louis smiled, lent forwards and putted it in Harrys mouth. He took a bite and smiled with a little laugh.
When they were on the middle of the lake, Harry stopped rowing and let go of the oars. He stretched his arms and yawned. “It’s actually harder than it looks” he said and looked a little exhausted at Louis. “Should I row us home then?” Louis asked. “Nah, its fine. I just need a little break” Harry replied. Louis smiled. “I’ve got an idea” Louis said. He spread his legs and asked Harry to sit between them with his back against him. Harry did as he said and sat down between his legs. Louis started to gently rub his shoulders and when Harry relaxed a bit more, Louis started to massage him. Harry relaxed in his shoulders and neck and let out a pleased moan. He closed his eyes and enjoyed it. Louis fingers started to sore a bit, so he stroked Harrys arms instead. Suddenly Harrys hands was around Louis’ wrists and Louis stopped stroking him. Harry opened his eyes fast, but closed them again and without further hesitation, he pulled himself up and kissed Louis right on the mouth. Louis was a little shocked by Harrys unexpected move, but he didn’t pull back, he just closed his eyes and enjoyed it. Harry kissed him several times on the mouth before he stopped and opened his eyes. He smiled and kissed Louis on the chin. Louis opened his eyes and looked pleased at Harry. Harry leaned back into Louis, who laid his arm around him. Harry closed his eyes and breathed out satisfied. “I love you” Louis heard Harry say with a low voice. “I love you too” Louis whispered back. 
Later when they came back to the house, they saw a police car was holding in the driveway when they walked around the corner, and two police men and Simon was standing outside. Harry quickly turned around and pulled Louis, who hasn’t noticed the police, with him into a bush, where they could hide.  “What are you doing?” Louis asked with a lowed voice. Harry putted his hand to Louis’ mouth. “Shh” He said putting a finger in front of his mouth, “The police are here” he whispered. Louis looked serious at him and started to get nervous. Harry looked through a little hole in the bush and saw the police was about to drive. “Sorry for the inconveniences” Harry heard one of the police men say to Simon as he sat into the car. They heard a car door smash, and a minute after, the car rolled out of the driveway and out on the way. Harry stuck his head out of the bush and looked down the way. The police were gone. They sneaked out of the bush, further out in the backyard and crawled through the window to the basement. They sneaked up the stairs in case some of the police men or another unexpected person would be upstairs. But there weren’t anyone. Louis breathed out in relief as they walked through the door to the living room. They sat down next to each other in the couch and Louis leaned into Harry who put his arm around him. “Are you hungry?” Harry asked. “Not really” Louis replied “more sleepy” he continued and yawned. “Should we just go to bed?” Harry asked and looked down at Louis. “Yeah” Louis said and stood up. Harry stood up too and followed him. They walked down the stairs to the basement. When they were down the there, Louis lay down on the duvets who was been laid on the top on some mattresses. “How nice” Louis said, as he tried to find a nice position to lie in. He looked up at Harry who was stretching his body while taking off his t-shirt. Harry smiled and lay down next to Louis. They looked at each other and both smiled. “It has been a fantastic day” Harry said and smiled a little brighter. “Indeed” Louis replied. Harry could see there was something going through Louis’ mind by the way he looked at him. “What are you thinking?” Harry asked gently. “Uhm.. It’s just” Louis started and breathed in, “I’m just wondering how long we have to live in secrets. Not that it bother me, it’s just, we’re hiding from the police and sleeping in a basement when you have a room with a bed upstairs and we almost can’t be outside without having to being wary.” Harry took a breath and thought about what to answer. “Look, we can sleep in my bed tomorrow night after the party, because I bet we’ll be too drunk to possible be able to walk down the stairs” Harry said and smiled. “And about the hiding thing, I promise it’ll be fixed in some way” Harry looked at Louis who was lying with his head close to Harrys chest. “We’ll find out tomorrow” Harry said and ran his hand against Louis’ hair and kissed him on the top of his head. Louis breathed out. He turned so they were lying in spoon instead and as soon as he has turned around, he felt Harrys arm around his stomach. Louis pulled himself closer to Harry and closed his eyes. “Goodnight” Louis said with a low sleepy voice. “Goodnight” Harry mumbled half asleep. Just before Louis fell asleep, he felt Harry sneak his hand under his t-shirt. Earlier Louis would have protested, but now he felt pleased about it. He putted his own hand and laid it on the top of Harrys and let out a last pleased breath before he fell asleep.   



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