One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


3. Chapter 3.

Days passed by. 
One day Harry was out in the city alone, he walked past some elder women talking. “You’ve heard that about Mrs. Tomlinson’s son?” “Yeah, he ran away from home, didn’t he?” “She had called him several times and reported him missing at the police” Harry stopped.”Excuse me, but what is the name of Mrs. Tomlinson’s son?” Harry asked. “Louis” one of the elder women said short. 
Harry hurried home with his head full of thoughts. “He was reported missing? But what if the police got caught by the thought of Louis might being in…” His heart skipped a beat when he turned around the corner and a police car and another car held in the driveway. His heart beat hard when he ran up the stairs and into hall. He looked around, didn’t know where to look for Louis first. But suddenly the police men came walking out from the living room, followed by Simon. “I assure you, no one is kept here. They can come and go as they please” Simon explained the police men. “We believe you Mr. Cowell” one of the police men said. Simon caught sight of Harry and walked to him trying to explain, but got interrupted by Louis yelling at his mom. “Why are you always ruining my joy?” “Get out in the car! Now!” Louis came tramping out in the hall, but stopped when he saw Harry. Harry stood with open mouth, didn’t know how to react. He was about to run to Louis, but was stopped by Simon holding him back. Louis mom came out in the hall, pushing Louis in the back to make him move. Louis looked at Harry, without saying a word. His eyes were completely blank like he was about to cry. So was Harry’s. He tried to get free from Simons grip, running to Louis, but Simon held him back trying to calm him down. But it didn’t work. 
When they heard a car door slam outside, Harry tried harder, got himself free and ran to the front door. Outside Louis’ mom was about to drive out of the driveway, but Harry ran after the car. He got up on the side of the car where Louis sat. Louis looked at him and Harry saw him crying. The car gassed up and drove faster. Harry had no chance. He stopped running and stood on the way, breathless, looking after the car. 
Back in the house, Simon still stood in the hall, and when Harry came through the front door, he tried to explain again, but Harry didn’t listen. He walked straight past Simon and up the stairs to his room. He slammed the door and started to throw around with things, while crying and shouting. He sat down on the bed, hiding his face in his hands. It knocked on the door. Harry sniffled. “Leave me alone” he shouted. Simon came in. “Leave me the God damn alone” Harry shouted and looked hard at Simon, who sighed and closed the door.

“I hope you realize you can’t keep me here” Louis said with his arms crossed, looking out of the window of the car. His mom didn’t answer, but turned steering wheel so that the car drove into the driveway of their house. His mom stepped out of the car, but Louis stayed at the seat. “Louis, forget it. You’re not coming back there”. Louis was seated with his arms crossed until his mom opened the door and pulled him with her. 
He went straight to his room, slamming the door, which made his mom sigh. 

“Louis there’s dinner” His mom knocked at the door an hour later. 
“I’m not hungry” 
His mom signed and came in. Louis sat on his bed with his knees to his chin, just staring out in the room. “Honey, I’m don’t doing this to punish you.. But you just can’t ran and stay away like that. I was terrified!” His mom said, sitting down next to him. Louis moved a bit away from her when she sat down. He didn’t say anything to her. He didn’t want to. She looked at him for a bit. “But please come out and eat something. You must have starved living with those kind of people” she said standing up. “What kind of people?” Louis asked annoyed. She turned around, looking at him. “How dare you talking about them like that? You don’t know anything about them or their way of living” Louis said with a raised voice. “Honey, they’re thieves.. You shouldn’t defend them..” “Why not?” Louis asked, standing up, walking against her. “They took care of me, they treated me with respect.. They made me feel like I was something and someone.. They.. loved me” Louis said, and hesitated. He looked at his mom and pushed her out of his room, locking the door. “Louis please” he heard his mom beg at the other side of the door. He ignored her. “They loved me” he whispered to himself. “He loved me”. He slid down the door, started to cry. 

The next day, Louis’ mom drove him to school, making sure he went to the lesson. “I’m picking you up straight after school” she said, driving away. Louis looked after her but turned his attention at the school. He signed. 
Walking through the schoolyard, some students whispered and pointed at him. He ignored them. He walked to the classroom and sat down at the seat nearest the window. He looked out and started to think, but was interrupted by one of the boys from earlier who came into the class. He saw Louis and walked past his seat. “I haven’t forgotten you” he whispered in Louis ear and smiled as he walked past. Louis looked away and signed. The teacher came in, but didn’t really take notice of Louis. The lessons lasted infinities. Louis didn’t take part in the teaching. He just looked out of the window think about how much he hated this. What he was brought back to. “Louis?” He shook his head. The teacher was standing right in front of him. “Can you tell me what the square root of 24 is?” “Eh, ehm..” Louis didn’t know what to answer. “Thieves is not taught in things like that” The boy said form behind. The whole class laughed. Louis stood up, clenched his fit and walked straight to the boy, pushed him down from his chair. The boy stood up and pushed Louis. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, you thieffy shit?” The boy shouted at Louis. Louis wasn’t in control of himself, and just like that, he hit him hard on the side of his head. “You fucking little..” the boy started, but was interrupted by the teach. “Louis Tomlinson, will you immediately go to the principal’s office!”  Louis looked short at him. He took his bag, and walked out of the door. “You just wait” he heard the boy shout after him. Louis stopped outside the door to the principal’s office. He was about to open the door, but hesitated. He pulled his hand back and took a deep breath. He stepped back and was about to run, but as he turned around, he bumped into his teacher. “Thought you’d might were thinking about run away” he said, knocking at the door to the office. “Come in”. Louis looked beseechingly at the teacher, who just opened the door and led Louis through the door and closed it behind him. The principal looked up. “Hello young man, what can I do for you?” he asked smiling. “I..I..I” Louis stammered. “I was in a fight in class” Louis said and looked down. “Oh well.. sit down” the principal said “Is there something you want to talk about?” the principal asked “I’ve heard about your little “out of house” adventure.. Do you have problems at home?” Louis didn’t know what to answer. Some part of him wanted to brush out with all of his feelings and tell everything, but he just felt like the principal wasn’t the right person telling it. “There’s.. Just so many things going around right now” Louis said without making eye contact. “I just need little time getting back to normal” Louis lied. The principal nodded. “Shall I call your mom?” Louis looked up. “She insisted, she got to know if anything was going around”. Louis bit his lower lip. The principal went to another room calling Louis mom, telling her to pick Louis up. “She’ll be here in ten minutes. Just go down the schoolyard and wait” The principal said. Louis stood up, going out the door. “And oh Louis” Louis stopped and looked back “Don’t get in troubles”. Louis shook his head.

In the meantime the break has started. 
Louis walked through the amount of kids playing on the schoolyard to get to the parking. When he was almost there, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head and was hit right in the face. He fell back, landing on the ground. He looked up and saw the boy coming closer against him. The two other boys were behind him. “I’m gonna show a little thieffy shit like you some manners” the boy said and squatted down opposite him. He was about to reach out after him, when a ball came flying and hit him right on the side of his head. He stood up looking around. “Who the hell shot that?!” He shouted. “There’s a difference between shooting and throwing” a familiar voice for Louis said.  Harry came out of the bushes holding another ball in his hands, “and oh, by the way, why don’t you fight someone your own size?” The boy turned against Harry. “And who the hell do you think you are?” he asked. “Just a shitty thief” Harry smirked. The boy laughed, and lashed out at Harry, but he moved to the side fast, took the boys arm and pulled it behind his back so he was out of chance to hit him. The more the boy tried to get free, the more Harry tightened his grip. The two other boys came against Harry, but he swung the one he was holding into the two others, making all the three of them overthrow. The boys tumbled around on the ground. The biggest of them were about to stand up, going crazy on Harry, when they heard a car door smash, and Louis mom stepped out of the car. The two other boys stood up and ran away, “this is not over” the biggest of them said and followed the two others. Harry went over Louis helping up. Louis pulled Harry into a tight hug. “I’ve missed you” Louis whispered. Harry pulled him out looking him in the eyes smiling. “What is going on here?!” Louis mom asked with a raised voice. Louis and Harry stood up. “He was defending me” Louis said. “Yeah, that’s fine, but listen, I don’t want you to hang around with him” she said and took Louis arm pulling him with her. “That’s not your decision” Louis said pulling himself free. “Louis, come here” she said, trying to get hold of his arm again. Louis went backwards. “No.” he said, shaking his head. He turned around and ran away. His mom ran after him a few meters, but gave up. She turned to Harry. “You stay away from him”. Harry looked a bit daunted at her. She walked to her car and drove away.

Harry went home. He didn’t know what to do. Louis was out there, confused and upset. Maybe he should go out, look for him? He thought to himself. He signed. But where should he look? Louis could be anywhere. 
He opened the door to his room. Inside Louis sat on his bed crying. He looked up and jumped out of the bed and embraced Harry. Harry putted his arms around him, hugging him tightly. “I don’t know what to do Harry” Louis sniffled. Harry tightened his hug a little. He was so relieved that Louis was here and not somewhere, where he might do something stupid or get into troubles. Harry breathed out heavily. They stood there for a while, when suddenly they heard the door bell ring on the front door. They opened the door and sneaked out on the stairs looking who it was. Simon opened the door, and two police men stood in the doorway. “Shit!” Louis whispered. Harry took his hand pulling him with him back in the room. He locked the door and went to the window. He looked down and then over at Louis. He opened the window and looked at Louis. “Come” he said offering his hand to Louis. Louis took it, and Harry helped him out on the other side of the window. “I’ll jump first” Harry said looking seriously at Louis “Then you go cautious, and I’ll catch you”. Louis nodded. Harry jumped down. He landed on his legs and turned around, ready to catch Louis. He stood a little hesitating. “Come on! I’ll catch you” Harry parroted at him. Louis took a deep breath and let go of the sill. He landed and Harry was there to support him immediately. They smiled at each other for a moment, but then they heard the door upstairs were broken in and they saw the police in the open window. “Hey, stay where you are!” the police shouted at them. They hurried and ran away. 
They hide in an old shed. 
“What do we do now?” Louis asked breathless. “I don’t know” Harry said catching his breath. “We can’t go back right now” he continued “But we can’t stay here either?” Louis replied. “I know. But if we go back, the police might still be around. I won’t risk that” Harry said looking at Louis. Louis looked back at Harry. “I’ve missed you” “I’ve missed you too” 
When they had been sitting there for some hours, Harry stood up. “The sun is about to set. If we’re lucky the police have gone home by now” he said looking at Louis. “We might sneak into the basement, hide there” Louis stomach started rumble. “and get some food” he continued smiling. He helped Louis on his feet. They went back to the house. The police car was gone. They sneaked into the backyard, where there was a window, which Harry pushed so it opened and they crawled down to the basement. Louis looked around. “Quite many memories” he heard Harry said behind him. Louis snorted and smiled. Harry found some blankets and duvets in a coffin and handed them to Louis. “What if someone comes down here and finds us?” Louis asked a bit nervous. “If someone in the house finds is, they won’t tattle” Harry said calm with his arms full of pillows. They laid the duvets, blankets and pillows as a bed and sat down next to each other. They sat there for a while with none of them talking. They just sat there enjoying it. Louis was a bit tired after what happened today. He yawned wide and leaned against Harry. He laid his head on Harry’s shoulder and relaxed. Harry started to rub his knee, which made Louis look up at him. Harry smiled looking at him. He leaned in and was about to kiss Louis, but he pulled back. Harry opened his eyes and looked at him. “I’m sorry” Louis said looking down “I just don’t know if this is right.” Harry looked at him wondering. “I mean, I just don’t know if it feels right and I’m just so confused.” Louis took a breath “Earlier some girl flirted with me like crazy, and I don’t know, but previously I would’ve enjoyed it and flirt with her too, but, I just.. I didn’t feel anything. She didn’t turn me on. There was nothing” Louis continued and sighed. Harry looked at him biting his lower lip, wondering what to replay. When Harry didn’t replay, Louis laid his head back on his shoulder. Harry sighed. After a little while, Louis laid with his arms crossed, half asleep, when Harry yawned. “Should we lie down?” he asked. Louis winked and woke up. “Yeah” he said yawning. They started out just laying there next to each other. But after a little, Louis cuddled closer to Harry. Harry gently lays his arm around Louis, letting it hover slightly over his frame. He wouldn’t lay his arm too tight around Louis, afraid if Louis not wanting him to, but when Louis cuddled in closer to Harry and let out a little sigh of contentment, he closed his arm tighter around the smaller boy. He just laid there, listening to Louis’ breath slowly evening out, but then he felt warm lips on his for head, another sigh escaping Louis before his breath evened out, indicating that the sleep had overcome the boy. Harry was shocked for a second, but his lips soon turned upwards into a small, fond smile. The smile stayed until he fell asleep, only a few minutes later. 

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