One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
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Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


2. Chapter 2.

The next morning Louis woke up to the sound of Harry singing. Louis rubbed his eyes and sat up in the bed. Harry continued singing, but turned around and smiled at Louis. “Good morning dude”. Louis was about to say good morning to Harry, but then he remembered what happened tonight, so he just smiled and nodded. Louis sat on the edge of the bed, looking around he noticed a plate with some bread with salami on. He looked at it for a bit. Harry turned his head and smiled. “It’s for you. Just go ahead and eat”

It knocked on the door. Simon opened the door and looked in. “Slept well?” he asked. Louis looked over at Harry, who just smiled and nodded at Simon, who smiled and closed the door again.
Louis looked at his phone. 8 unanswered phone calls from his mom. He threw the phone in the bed and looked at Harry again. 
“We need to talk about what happened last night” Louis started “I mean, if I’m supposed to live here, and sleep in the same bed as you, you need to stop cuddle up to me like that.” 
Harry didn’t smile anymore. He looked serious at Louis. 
“I know, and I’m sorry. It’s just.. I’m used to have the whole bed for myself and I’m a really “cuddle up to”-type, but I’ll try and behave” he said and turned away from Louis. 
“I’m glad we got it right” Louis said satisfied, but still a little uncomfortable about the way Harry said it, like he was annoyed or something. Well it wasn’t Louis’ fault he wasn’t a “cuddle up to”- type like Harry, he thought to himself.

Later that day, Harry wanted to teach Louis how to be a good pickpocket. 
“It’s great you can run fast, but so can the police. You need to know the tricks to escape them.” 
Harry brought him to an old scrapyard to show him. There was an old car placed next to a little building. 
“You need to be smooth in your movements” Harry said “Now watch me.” He said as he jumped up on the trunk of the car. “You have to be in total control of yourself, and most important, you have to be a step in front of your pursuers” he said while making a smooth and elegant rolling movement over the roof of the car and the like a cat swinging himself up on the roof of the building. “It’s just like chess” he said standing on the top of the building. “Now it’s your turn”. He jumped down from the building. “It’s also important to land correctly when you jump down from heights, but I’ll show you another time.” 
Louis took a deep breath. Then he ran against the car and jumped up on the trunk, just like Harry just showed him. “Good!” he heard Harry say. “Know it’s all about focus. Pretend you’re making a somersault, like you did when you were little.” Louis focused and made a somersault, but it was very stiff and clumsy, not like Harrys, and then afterwards he stood up. 
“Good!” Harry said, “Now try it over again sometimes”. 
After several times of tries, Harry decided it was time for the next part. 
“Now it’s your strength you need to show off, Louis.” Harry stood at the ground yelling at him like some coach. “Go down in knees to get some extra power in your jump, and then you jump as high as you can and try to grasp the edge of the roof with your palms.” Louis got down in knees and jumped. He reached the edge. “Good! Know pull yourself up with your arm muscles and when you feel like it’s possible, swing your legs over the edge, so you stand on the roof” Louis pulled ‘till he was half the way up, then he swung his legs over and rolled over the flat roof. He laid there gasping a bit, when suddenly Harry was bending in over him. “You’re very teachable” Harry said and sat down next to him. 
They sat there for a long time without any of them talking, when suddenly Louis asked Harry about the purpose of being a pickpocket. 
“It’s the way we’re making our living” he said without any hesitation, “I know it’s not a fair way, but.. Everybody has their own way” 
Louis nodded slowly. He understood. 
They sat again for a bit without none of them talking. 
Louis looked short at Harry. “Look..” he said, but hesitated. Harry looked at him. “I’m sorry if..” he hesitated again and looked down. “It’s okay. I know what you want to say and it’s more like I should be the one to say sorry. I exceed your limits by putting my arm around you. But I.. I… It just.. It gives me some kind of safety.” Harry said looking at Louis, trying to see if he understood. 
Louis nodded short looking down. He wouldn’t make eye contact with Harry. He really didn’t knew what to say to him. 
Harry kept looking at Louis for some kind of respond, but when he didn’t get any, he decided to stand up. “I think it’s time to go home” he said and jumped down from the roof. “Slowly, swing your legs over the edge, and slight down along the wall” Harry said when Louis was about to crawl down. “I’ll catch you if you’re about the fall”. When Louis let go of the roof and landed, he lost his balance, but two muscular arms supported him so he didn’t fell. “I told you” Harry said with a smile. Louis smiled at him, and they walked home.

When they got home, Simon wanted to talk to Harry, so Louis went to Harrys room alone, or, that was what they thought, but he sneaked to Simons room and listened to their conversation from the other side of the door. 
“Soo, you were out teaching Louis. How did it go?” Simon asked Harry. 
 “Uhum” Harry mumbled. “He’s very teachable” 
“Well, the case is this, Harry, I’ve got a free room for Louis if he wants it” 
Harry looked serious at Simon. “But..” 
“I know you’re enjoying company Harry, but people have complained about yelling in the middle of the night, and I don’t know what happened and I don’t have to know, but either you need to behave or Louis has to move to his own room” 
“Simon I wasn’t.. We wasn’t.. It was just.. No forget it. I’ll talk to Louis about it” Harry said while walking to the door. On the other side he bumped into Louis who shocked moved back. Harry looked a bit startled at him, but then got angry. “Have you been listening?” he said with a raised and disappointed voice. “Well, then you already know. You have the opportunity” he said and walked in the direction of his room. Louis followed him into his room, where he closed the door behind them. Harry sat in the windowsill looking out of the window. Louis still stood at the door looking at him. He breathed out, walked over and sat down on the bed next to Harry. After a long time where none of them said a word, Louis decided to break the silence.  “Would it hurt you if I decided to get my own room” Louis asked gently. Harry didn’t answer at first, but breathed out and shook his head “No” he said and turned against Louis. “It’s your choice..” he said.
Louis looked at him, the longest he had looked at him so far. He saw something in Harrys eyes. Something asking him not to go. Something begging him for staying with him. He was easy to read, actually like an open book. He opened his mouth, ready to say something, but then closed it again. “I need to talk to Simon about this. I’ll be back in a minute Harry” 
Many thoughts went through Louis’ head while he walked towards Simons room. He knocked on the door and walked in. 
“Oh Louis. Nice to see you! Was it a good practice with Harry?” Simon asked curiously. 
“Yeah it was.. instructive. But there’s another reason I’ve came here.”
“Oh you’ve talked with Harry about the room.”
“Yeah that, among others” Louis said and looked down. 
“Well sit down and let’s talk about it” 
“Simon I need to know” Louis said directly “what is it with Harry? Why would he be sad if I’d get my own room? And what would he enjoy sharing bed with me?” 
Simon looked a bit wondering at Louis. “Haven’t you figured it out yet?” Simon asked. 
“Figured out what?” 
“He likes you Louis. And I think he does more than that.” 
Louis looked shocked at Simon.
“So you’re telling me… Harry is… gay?” Louis asked very hesitantly. 
“And he’s very attracted by you too Louis.”
Louis looked a bit baffled at Simon.
“I’m not telling you to stay in his room only to please him, but I just don’t want to see him brokenhearted again.”
“Again? What do you mean by again?” 
Simon took a deep breath. “You see, Harry is almost like a son to me. I’ve been taking care of kids who’ve been running away from home, just like you, for many years now. Harry was the first I took care of. I found him in the street in a very young age. I took him to me and raised him like he was my own son. I’ve seen him in ups and downs.” Simon took a little break and breathed in. “He hasn’t always been attracted to boys, it’s very new for him and I’m not sure he’s in total control of his feelings. It’s only 9 months ago since his ex-girlfriend dumped him. He was brokenhearted months after and decided he was done with girls. I’m not sure if this is just a phase in his life or what. But.. I’m only asking you to be careful around him Louis, that’s all I wish for.” 
Louis nodded gently and looked up at Simon. “I’ll try” 
Simon smiled and Louis left the room. 
Louis opened the door to Harry’s room. He still sat in the windowsill. He looked at Louis and smiled. “That lasted a long” he said. “Yeah.. we talked a bit about.. ehm.. me” Louis lied.  
“Interesting. Have you made a decision?” Harry asked a bit absent looking out of the window.  
Louis didn’t know what to answer. He really wanted his own room, but was afraid of hurting Harry after what Simon just told him. “I’ve decided to give it another chance” Louis said, and Harry almost lighted up and smiled. “I’ll promise to behave” Harry said smiling and jumped down the windowsill, “Now let’s have some dinner”.

After dinner, there were planned a party next Saturday.

When they were about to sleep, and Harry lay in the bed, Louis stood a little and thought. He took a pillow and laid it in the opposite end of the bed than Harrys, like the night before. He lay down with his back against Harry and took his duvet around him. “Goodnight” he said without looking at Harry, not even a little. He wouldn’t see if he was disappointed about Louis lying like this. “Goodnight” Harry said, and Louis heard a low sigh from him. Louis laid and looked around in the room. It was still a bit light in there from the sun that hasn’t set yet, and then he fell asleep. 
In the middle of the night, Louis was woken by Harry who was lying restless. Louis sat up. “No!” Don’t go. Stay. Please” Harry mumbled while moving restless from side to side. Louis put a hand on Harrys arm trying to calm him a bit. Harry suddenly sat up quickly. He looked around and breathed fast. Then he got eye on Louis and calmed down. He putted his head on his hand and looked down. “Did you have a nightmare?” Louis asked gently. Harry nodded. “Sorry I woke you up.. again” he said. Louis just smiled a little. He hesitated a bit. “Do you want me to.. uhm.. lay in the same end as you?” He asked. Harry looked at him in wonder “Are you sure?” “Yeah” Louis said, took his pillow and put it in the same end as Harrys. He lay down with his back against Harrys. “Sleep tight”
“I’ll try”.  

The next day Harry decided to teach Louis who to divert people’s attention while taking their wallets. 
“There’re many ways of doing it. Sometimes you can just walk straight  up to them and bump in to them, then take their wallets in the hurry, but what I’m about to show you now, is a preferred favorite among pickpockets. If you stand there” Harry said pointing at the ground, “Now pretend I’m a tourist coming to you ask for way” Harry said, holding a map in his hand, coming all close to Louis. “If we’re standing here, and I’m going to there..” he said pointing at the map “am I then supposed to go in that, or maybe that direction” before Louis had the chance to answer him, Harry stood with Louis’ phone in his hand smiling. “You see, it’s just that easy.” Louis checked is pockets and looked at Harry in wonder. He didn’t even notice Harry taking it. “Now you try” Harry said, offering Louis the map. Louis took a breath, and walked over to Harry, who stood like some civil. “You need to come even closer” Harry said, “Try again” Louis walked over to Harry again and stood tightly against him this time. Louis stood with the map and pretended to ask for way, and Harry looked curious at the map, but when Louis tried to explain where he was going, Harry looked at him which made Louis look at him too. Harry smiled at him and looked down at the ground. “Sorry, my bad, you were doing it right. Try again” Louis tried again and walked up all close to Harry and it succeeded him getting Harrys wallet this time. Harry smiled and clapped him on the back. “You’re excellent” he said. Louis smiled a little shy. “Let’s go get some food” Harry said and started walk. Louis followed him.


It was now Saturday. It was tonight they were about to have a party in the house. 
Harry decided to take Louis to the city to show him how a pickpocket worked in public. He asked him to stay at a bench, observe what he did. Harry walked in the stream of people, and Louis looked after him. Harry walked behind a man with his wallet sticking out of his back pocket. A little risky Louis thought to himself. Harry walked up close behind him, took the wallet and walked fast past the man when he got it. The man didn’t even notice. Harry putted the wallet in his own pocket and walked over to Louis. Harry sat down on the bench next to Louis. “You’re good” Louis said and smiled. Harry blushed a bit. “Well, I’ve been doing it quite many times so… but let’s get something to eat” he said and stood up.  

At the night, close to 21, people were cheerful and the music was playing loud. Louis, who already had been drinking a lot, sat in an armchair watching Harry, who was standing in the bar getting them some more to drink. He came back with two beers and a bottle of vodka. “We’re gonna be so fucking drunk you know?” he said to Harry who just smiled. “We’re gonna drink like there’s no tomorrow” he said and opened the bottle of vodka, taking a pull of it, while Louis opened their beers. Harry putted the bottle on the table and sat down. He took a beer and looked at Louis “shall we?” He asked, putted up his bottle and so did Louis. They combined their bottles and drank. 

Two bottles of vodka and many beers later, they sat in the bar taking shots. Harry looked at Louis “Ready for number 15?” He asked while taking up the shot glass. “Like there’s no tomorrow” Louis said quoting Harry, and turned the bottom of the glass in the air.
 Louis took Harrys hand and pulled him with him out on the dancefloor.  Under the influence of alcohol they danced like crazy. They danced opposite each other and sang along. 
“Excuse me, but I might drink a little more than I should tonight” Louis sang out loud and Harry continued “cause baby Imma make you feel so good, tonight” pulling himself closer to Louis. “Grab somebody sexy tell them hey” the music continued and Harry grabbed Louis and pulled him in, whispered “hey” in his ear in a sexual way with his deep rough voice. Louis looked him in the eyes and smiled very flirty. The music switched. “It’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do” sounded out loud from the speaker. Harry swung Louis around “hey baby” he continued and winked at Louis. “I think I wanna marry you”. Louis smiled and laughed. He felt like having no boundaries right now. Like everything didn’t matter and he was the happiest boy in the world. He didn’t get drunk very often, so it didn’t take so much to influence him. He was high of the music, the lights and the alcohol pumping in his blood. Suddenly he felt Harrys hand around his neck pulling him closer, “wanna go somewhere private?” he whispered in Louis’ ear. Influenced by the alcohol, Louis just nodded. Harry took Louis hand and pulled him with him, away from the dancefloor, out of a door and down the stairs to the basement. Louis almost fell at the end of the stairs, but Harry supported him, and pulled him close. He pushed Louis up against the wall and got all close to him. They looked each other deep in the eyes. Harry started to kiss Louis softly on the neck. Louis leaned his head back enjoying it. “Tell me to stop if..” Harry mumbled between the kisses, but Louis just moaned in enjoyment. Harry putted his hands on Louis’ hips and dragging himself closer. Louis putted his arms around Harrys shoulders and Harry started to kiss him up and down his neck. Louis could hear the bass from the speakers resound from the ceiling. The combination of Harry kissing him passionately and the bass from the speakers turned him on.  Harrys hands continued from Louis hips further down to his ass. Harry looked at Louis to see his reacting. He seemed to enjoy it. Harry continued kissing him. From his collarbones, up his neck and further to his jaw. Louis kept moaning enjoying it, and it turned Harry on. Louis putted his hand in Harrys curled hair and pulled his head closer to him. Harry turned back to Louis neck, started to kiss it very acutely, while he grabbed Louis ass, which made Louis moan out loud. Harry putted his finger on Louis’ lips. “Shh.. you want the whole building to know what we’re doing?” Harry said smiling at him. He moved his hand from Louis’ lips to the back of his head, pulling Louis in and kissed him directly on his lips. Harry could feel Louis smile through the kiss which made him move further making the kisses more intense. Louis’ fingers were playing with Harrys curls which made Harry stop kissing and looked Louis right in the eyes while smiling bright. “I love you” he whispered. Louis smiled bright and pulled Harry in to continue the kiss.

The next morning Louis woke up with a terrible headache. Harrys arm was around him and they lay all close to each other. Louis didn’t really remember anything from last night, but somehow he wasn’t annoyed by Harry having his arm around him. A little after Harry woke up stretching his arms, putting it back on Louis’ side. “Good morning” he said with his deep morning voice. He stood up while Louis stayed in the bed. He stretched his whole body and Louis gazed at him. “Having a hangover?” Harry asked with a smile. “Yeah..” Louis said and took his hand to his head, throwing himself back. “Naah.. I normally don’t get those”. Harry sat down on the bed. “What happened last night?” Louis asked looking at Harry. “We got drunk, and..” Harry started, “and what?” Louis asked. Harry looked at him a little hesitated, “and kissed” he said looking expectant at Louis. “What? No we didn’t! Did we?” Louis asked wondering. Harry nodded. “Well.. we didn’t.. ehm” Louis swallowed, “do more than that, did we?” he continued. Harry smiled looking down at the floor. “No.” Louis breathed out in relief. Harry faked a smile.



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