One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
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Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


12. Chapter 12.

Later that night they arrived in Manchester airport around 19 o’clock. Louis hadn’t said a word to either his mom or James the whole flight. They got their luggage and left the airport. James had rented a car for them, and after 20 minutes of driving they were holding in front of their new house and home in Manchester. Louis looked at it with disgust in his eyes. Never if he was going to fell home here. He stepped out of the car and got his suitcase out of the trunk. He stood outside the house for a minute and looked at it. James came and stood beside him. “What do ya think?” he asked optimistic. “I hate it” Louis replied short and walked to the front door and went inside. He stepped right into an enormous hall, with high ceilings, many doors to different rooms and a stair leading both up- and downstairs. “Why do we need such a big house?” Louis asked and looked around. “It exudes class and importance, which is important in a neighborhood like this” James answered as he entered the house. Louis just rolled his eyes. “Where’s my room in this big important house then?” he asked trying to annoy James. “Upstairs” James answered without showing signs of being offended.  Louis dragged his suitcase with him upstairs and down the hallway. He opened the first door he came pass, before he entered he looked further down the hallway. There were only two doors further. He looked inside the room, which was an enormous room, with a queen size bed, a desk with a laptop on and a closet that looked big from the outside. Louis went inside the room and took a further look around. He threw his suitcase on the bed and went over and opened the closet which was full of new clothes. “Woaw” Louis was in awe as he looked it through. You could say a whole lot about James, but he had his arse full of cash and was not afraid to use it. He went over and sat down on the bed and took another look around the big room. His joy was interrupted when suddenly James was standing in the doorway like some smartass. Louis’ smile disappeared. He just saw Louis liked the room, which he shouldn’t. He shouldn’t think Louis liked anything about this house. “So I can tell you like it, or am I reading that smile wrong?” James asked jauntily. “It’s fine. I mean I guess I can live here till I’ll go back to London” Louis said and looked up at James, who shook his head. “Well yeah, the case is that you’re not” James said and looked at him. “Says who?” Louis asked annoyed. “Your mom and I. As long as you’re under 18, you’re not legal to live alone in London and that’s why you’re staying here” James said with a serious voice. “But I’m not going to live alone!” Louis said annoyed with a louder voice “I’m gonna live in the house with Harry and the others..” he continued. “Wrong” James cut him off as he turned around and left the room. Louis could feel an inner anger rise in him when James was out of sight. “And by the way, the room next door is yours alone bathroom” James said, but Louis just went over and shot the door with an annoyed moan.
Later that night, Louis went downstairs. He found his mom sitting in the couch in the living room watching tv. “Where’s James?” he asked. Louis’ mom turned her head a little startled, she hadn’t heard Louis enter the room. “He was called on work” she said calm. Louis nodded and looked at the tv. “What are you watching?” he asked. “Oh, it’s just an old soppy movie, it ends within some minutes”. Louis walked around the couch and sat down in the armchair next to it. He looked stiff into the tv screen. His mother watched him for a minute. “Is there anything you want to talk about Louis?” she asked and looked a bit worried at him. Louis sighed. “I just miss Harry”. His mother sighed. “I know you do honey, but you have to forget about him. You’re staring in a new school tomorrow where you will get new friends and maybe someone even better than him”. Louis turned his head quick. “Harry wasn’t just a friend” Louis said offended “and whatever kind of plans you and James have for my future, you can forget about them. I’m not here to get friends. I didn’t even ask to be here. All I want is to get back home to the people who actually cared about me” he said, stood up and left the room, without any other words said.

The next day Louis was sitting next to his mother in the car on his way to his new school. He looked out of the window of the car watching things pass by. “Do I really have to?” Louis asked breaking the silence. His mom sighed. “Yeah Louis, you do” she said without taking her eyes away from the road. Louis sighed and looked out of the window again.
They hit the parking lot of the school and Louis stepped out of the car. His mom shot down the car and stepped out too. Louis looked around. “I think it’s this way” his mother said and started to walk against some stairs leading up to something looking like a main entrance. “Are you coming?” yes turned around and asked. Louis followed her reluctantly. They went through the door and on the other side students where all over. Louis could feel eyes on him as they walked down the hallway. He was after all also the new kid. “Excuse me, can you tell me where the principal’s office is?” Louis’ mom asked a random girl walking pass them. Louis felt embarrassed. They found the office and his mom knocked on the door. “Come in” a deep voice said. His mom opened the door and the stepped inside. “Oh, you must be our new student here on Manchester high, Louis! Am I right?”  Louis nodded. “Welcome!” The principal said and shook Louis’ hand. “And you must be his mother” he said and shook her hand too.
After the small talk with the principal, Louis now had his schedule and knew where and when his first lesson should be. He said goodbye to his mom and tried to find the classroom. His first lesson was English. After a while he found the classroom. He looked at his watch and saw the lesson started 10 minutes ago. Great start. He breathed in and knocked on the door. “Come in” he heard a voice say, and he slowly opened the door. “Oh you must be Louis, the new student” the teacher said, not sounding annoyed at all over Louis coming too late. “Yeah, I that’s me. And sorry that I’m late. I had troubles finding the classroom” Louis apologized. “That’s all right. Do you wanna present yourself for the rest of the class” the teacher asked and first there, Louis realized he was standing in front of a room full of strangers. He could feel the nervousness rise as he faced the class. “Well yeah, I’m Louis Tomlinson, I just moved to here yesterday from London, and yeah well, I’m 17, and ehm, I don’t know what else to say actually” Louis said and looked over at the teacher who seemed to find his telling interesting. “Should we see if there’s something the class wants to know about you Louis?” The teacher asked. Louis gulped. A boy reached his hand. “Yeah, Oliver?” the teacher said letting him talk. “Why did you move to Manchester?” he asked. Louis thought about what to answer. “Ehm, well, my mom found a new boyfriend and we kinda moved in with him here, so..” Louis answered. A girl reached her hand and got picked by the teacher. “Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked and the whole class laughed. Louis guessed she was that kind of girl. “No, uhm, I don’t” Louis said and started to think about Harry.
After the last lesson Louis went out to the parking lot to wait for his mom who would catch him up after work. Some boys from Louis new class walked pass him. “Hey Louis, wanna play some ball?” They asked and shot a football in his direction. Louis grabbed it. “No, sorry, I can’t” Louis said apologizing and threw back the ball. “Shame” one of the boys said and the continued walking. Louis looked at them from behind and watched them walk away. Few minutes later Louis’ mom was holding in front of him.
Few days passed by, but Louis refused to settle down. The only thing he could think about was Harry and what he was thinking. He was sure dead nervous and with he was ill at the same time which wasn’t a good combination.
Louis sat on his bed a night with his laptop on his lap as it knocked on the door. His mom opened and came in. “What are you doing honey?” She asked curious. “Just some homework” he said. When she came closer, he closed the laptop, not wanting her to see what he was doing. She sat down on the bed. “You seem to finally have settled down Louis” She said and smiled. Louis nodded short and she smiled relieved. “I actually came in to tell you that you have to take a taxi to school tomorrow, because I have to go to work early. I’ll lay some money on the kitchen table for the taxi and for lunch.” She said and smiled at Louis before she kissed his forehead and said goodnight. She left the room and Louis opened the computer again.
The next morning Louis woke up early. He almost hadn’t slept the whole night. He went down to the kitchen and saw the money lying on the table. He putted them in his pocket and took some breakfast. While he was eating James came out in the kitchen too. “Morning” he said short. Louis nodded and followed his movements. When Louis finished his breakfast and went upstairs to get dressed. Half an hour later James came up and said he was heading for work now. “Oh, I think my mom forgot to drop money for my lunch and taxi to school” Louis lied. James looked at him short, but pulled up his wallet. “How much do you need?” He asked. “Uhm” Louis hesitated. James looked up from his wallet expecting an answer, but Louis didn’t know what to answer. James looked down in his wallet again and handed Louis 100 pounds. Louis looked a little surprised at James. “Don’t use all of them once” James said and smiled short. When James had left the room, Louis was still standing with the 100 pounds in his hand. “Woaw” he said to himself. He heard the front door smash downstairs and he guessed it was James who left. He pulled up the money he got from his mom and put them together with the 100 pounds. 120 pounds ended in his wallet. He picked up his phone and was about to call after a taxi, when he walked pass the mirror. He stopped and looked at himself. He looked himself in the eyes and took a deep breath before he typed the number to the taxi on his phone. Few minutes later the taxi was holding in front of the house. Louis hurried and picked up his backpack and went down the stairs. He locked the door and went over to the taxi. “Where to young man?” the taxi driver asked and smiled. Louis hesitated short. “The airport” he said and bit his lower lip. The taxi driver typed the destination on the GPS and the taximeter started to count. Louis leaned back in the seat and breathed out. He looked out of the window while thousand of thoughts went through his head.
Louis payed the taxi driver and stepped out of the taxi. He took a deep breath before he went inside the airport. He looked a little confused around, but found the desk. “Where are you going” the woman behind the desk asked with a smile. “Uhm, one ticket to London” Louis said. The woman nodded and asked for some information such as his name, birth and so on. Louis let it all go through his mind. If he told his real name and birth date his mom and James would have easier to find him. “Alexander Jackson” Louis said and the woman typed “29. September 1990”. The woman looked up and smiled. “When do you wanna go?” the woman asked. “Ehm, when is the next departure?” Louis asked.
“In about half an hour”
“I’ll take that”
“It’ll be a bit more expensive then”
“That’s fine”
“Well, then it’ll be 73 pounds”
Louis paid got his ticket and went over to the waiting room. “The passengers for the next departure to London can go to the waiting line now” it sounded in the airport speaker. Louis stood up, took a deep breath and started to walk over to the waiting line.
15 minutes later he was sitting in his seat on the plane and in short time it was about to take off.
Suddenly the plane was making noises and short time after it took off. Louis took a deep breath. There was no way back now. 




a short message from me about this chapter
if there're any mistakes about the ticket ordering or so, it's because i honestly don't know anything about ordering flight tickets, aha, sorry, hope it's good enough anyway 
Maria xx

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