One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
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Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


11. Chapter 11.

Later that day, during the evening, Simon and Louis decided to drive home for the night. It was hard for Louis to say goodbye to Harry, but he promised he would be back early the next morning. On their way home in the car, Simon noticed that another car had droved behind them the whole way from the hospitals parking lot.
“Louis, I don’t want you to be nervous, but I think someone is following us” Simon said and looked in the rearview mirror. Louis looked out of the rear window as Simon turned off a small way with no street lights by its sides, to check if the car followed them. It did. The car behind them also turned. Louis looked closer at the car. “I think I know that car” Louis said and looked at Simon, as the car behind them rivaled them. Both Simon and Louis looked out of the side pane to face James, Louis’ stepfather. Louis heart started to beat faster. He looked up at Simon, who viewed as James slowly drove in front of them. Suddenly Simon noticed another car came fast from behind, but slowed down when it was about to reach them. They drove like that for a little, when suddenly James stopped abruptly in the middle of the way. Simon had to pull the brake quickly. The car behind them also stopped. Louis heart went crazy and he was nervous for what was about to happen. He watched as James slowly stepped out of his car and walked against them. In a panic movement Louis looked back to see the man, from the car behind them, had done the same. “Simon?” Louis asked with a nervous voice and looked up at Simon. “Keep it calm Louis” Simon said without looking at him. He kept his eyes on James, who came closer and closer. Louis looked panic from the one man to the other and he could feel the sweat appear. “When I say now, you open the door and run as fast as you can back at the hospital, Louis.” Simon said and looked at Louis. “I can’t leave you back here Si..” “Just do as I say” Simon cut him off. Louis looked worried at him. They were interrupted by James knocking on the side pane. Simon rolled down the window. “What a lovely night isn’t it?” James asked ironically. “Indeed it is” Simon answered. “You know what would make it even lovelier?” James asked “To share it with my girl and our son” James said and raised his voice looking at Louis, who looked nervous. Louis could feel his anger rise in him when he heard the words “our son”. “Sure it would” Simon answered him “but as you know or may not know, Louis made a deal with his mom about letting Louis live wit..” James snorted interrupting Simon and smiled a fake smile.  “I’m not the kind of man you make deals with, and I requires what rightfully belongs to me.” He said and looked directly at Louis. He then looked over at the man behind them and nodded. He started to walk against the side of the car Louis sat in and Louis looked back at him in panic. “Louis” Simon whispered and Louis looked at him. “Now” Simon looked at him and nodded. Louis took a deep breath, but quickly opened the car door and ran past the man, further down the dark way. “Get him” James shouted at the other man, who turned around and ran after him. James then turned back at Simon.
Louis ran and ran as fast as he could, but he was exhausted and out of shape. He looked back and saw the man behind him coming closer, and in a try of running faster he tumbled over his own legs and fell to the ground. As he laid on the ground, few seconds after he felt the man pulling him up and held his arms on his back. Louis tried to get free, but the man was holding him too tight. “Let go of me you filthy bastard” Louis shouted. The man tightened his grip. “I’m sure your new dad will teach you some manners” He said and pushed Louis to make him walk.  
When they came back to the cars, James was still standing besides Simon’s car. The man pushed Louis past it, and inside the car Louis saw an unconscious Simon sitting on the driver’s seat. “Simon” He shouted and twisted his body trying to get free. Tears started to stream down his cheeks. “Let me go” he cried as James went over to them and opened the door to the back seat of his car. The man pushed him inside and James locked the door when he was inside. Louis pounded on the window and tried to open the door while crying, but nothing seemed to work. Louis watched as the two men talked. Then the other man walked back to his car and James opened the door and sat behind the wheel. “Let me go you psychopath” Louis shouted from the backseat. James ignored him and started the car. “You can’t just leave him her out in nowhere”. They made eye contact in the rearview mirror. James sighed and looked down breaking their eye contact. “I’ll get my man calling an ambulance” he said as he pushed the speeder and the car started to drive.

When they arrived at Louis’ mom’s house, Louis’ mom was still awake and embraced Louis when he entered the front door. “I promise you it will get better this time Louis. We’ll work out as a little family” she said while embracing him, but Louis just shook her off without any kind of response. He only looked at her short, after which he turned around and walked in the direction of his room. “You can’t keep me here for a long” he mumbled before he entered his room. “That’s not our plan either” James said and Louis stopped up. “Fantastic” he said ironically. “We’re moving” James said, which made Louis turn around fast, facing James who stood with a smug smirk on his lips.  “You’re joking right?” Louis asked a bit worried. “Do I look like the kind of man joking?” Louis didn’t answer him. He just looked annoyed at him. “We’re moving to Manchester” Louis’ mom said. Louis looked over at him with open mouth and then back at James. “When?” He asked. “Tomorrow”
Louis could feel the tears came to his eyes, as he turned around and slammed the door to his room and threw himself down on his bed. A little later he heard knocking on his door. “Fuck off” he sniffled, but he heard the door was opened anyway. “That’s not a proper way saying ‘come in’ young man” James said strict. Louis rolled his eyes and sighed. “Since we’re moving tomorrow, I want you to pack your clothes and other stuff.” James said while he was looking around Louis room. “That’ll make it easier for the removal men who come early tomorrow.” Louis looked up quick. Early next morning. Harry. He promised he would be by his side again early next morning. Louis looked at James who stood with his back against him. “Is there any possibility that I’ll be able to say goodbye to a good friend before we leave tomorrow?” Louis asked gently. “Who would that be?” James asked. “Your little boyfriend” he asked as a joke, but then he looked at Louis who was looking back at him with anger in his eyes, realizing Louis was serious. “No way in hell you’ll get to see him again” James said with a serious tone in his voice. “He’s your past, and you’ll get new friends and a proper girlfriend on your new school in Manchester” James said and walked to the door. “But I don’t want new friends or what you think as a proper girlfriend!” Louis shouted at him. “I only want to be with Harry” “Nonsense!” James said “and now, pack your stuff and go to bed. You’ll have to get up early tomorrow” James said and left the room. “Stop telling me what to do your idiot” Louis mumbled to himself and looked around his room. It was still as messy as that night he ran away. He heard James lock the door from the other side. “What is this? A prison?” Louis shouted after him. “Kind of” he heard James reply. He let out a loud sigh and threw himself back on the bed. He laid and looked up at the ceiling for a moment. Then it hit him. The window. Why didn’t he think about that before? He jumped up from the bed and walked over to the window, but in vain. The window was locked, how that was even possible. He turned around and let out another more resignedly moan and kicked away some clothes lying on the floor. He putted his hand down his pocket and got hold of a piece of paper. He took it up and unfolded it. He read the first sentence and realized it was the song Harry wrote when they had their fight. Tears came to his eyes and he hammered his hand against the wall, turning his back against it and slid down along it. He covered his head in his arms and let the tears stream down.

The next morning he was woken up by a hard knocking on the door and James saying it was time for breakfast followed by the sound of his door being unlocked. He moaned and turned around. All he could think about right now was Harry. What would he be thinking when he woke up and saw Louis wasn’t there.
At the morning table Louis refused to say anything. He just looked down at his scrambled eggs and poked it with his fork. “Aren’t you excited Louis” his mom said trying to cheer up the mood, but Louis just looked at her disgust in his eyes. He then looked down again and pushed his plate away and stood up, walking in the direction of the bathroom. James followed his movements step by step. “Don’t try to run away” he said and took a sip of his juice. “It won’t work”. Louis just shook his head annoyed and rolled his eyes, entering the bathroom.  

During the afternoon, Louis walked around the empty house on last time. “Louis we’re about to drive to the airport now” his mom said. Outside their house, Louis walked past the garbage to see the piece of paper with Harrys song on, lying ripped in pieces on the top of the trash. He picked up the pieces and looked in the direction of the car. “Who did this?” He shouted and held the pieces up. “I did” James said as he walked past Louis. “Why?” Louis asked annoyed and offended. James didn’t answer him, be just carried the last bags out in the car and closed the trunk. “It’s now Louis” he said and looked at Louis, who slowly reluctantly walked to the car. He looked a last time back at the house before he sat down on the backseat of the car. 




Sorry for the long waiting, I've had soo much work lately! But here it is, aha, I'm sorry it's a bit short, but I already got tons of ideas for the next chapter, and I hope you'll look forward to them, and because I already got all the ideas, I might be able to update during this week, anyway before this week is over!
Hope you've enjoyed what you have read so far. 
Lots of love!
Maria xoxo


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