One Direction - Shameless (Larry Stylinson AU)

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 18 Dec 2013
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Louis has run away from home. He meets Harry, who turns out to be a pickpocket. Harry invites Louis to the place where he lives and asks him to be one of them.
Later on Louis finds out Harry wants to be more than friends and being a pickpocket isn’t as easy as it seems.

Inspiration fundet hos den danske film Bora Bora.


10. Chapter 10.

Louis woke up during the night. Harry was lying restless, twisting from side to side. Louis looked at his face and saw he was all pale while sweating. He held his hand to his forehead. He was burning hot. Louis tried to wake up Harry, but suddenly he started to shake uncontrolled. Louis looked around in panic. “Harry! Harry wake up!” Louis said nervous. “Shit!” He stood up and was about to hurry over to the house, but hesitated, he couldn’t just leave Harry. He went back to him, trying to wake him up again. “Harry wake up!” Louis shook him gently. Still pale and all sweaty Harry slowly opened his eyes. He winked a few times, but then leaned forward and Louis could see on his movements that he was about to throw up. He looked around the room, and luckily he got eye on a bucket. He reached out for it just in time, placing it in front of Harry. Harry coughed a few times after he threw up and looked at Louis. “I’m feeling so ill” He said coughed “My chest hurts so bad, Louis” he said with a rusty voice and looked at Louis. Louis looked really worried at him. “Stay there” He commanded. “I’ll get Simon”. Louis stood up and hurried down the ladder and ran over to the house. Harry blinked a few times before he fell back on the mattress and it slowly blurred for his eyes.
Louis knocked hard on the wooden door to Simons room. A short moment after Simon opened it and looked annoyed. “For God’s sake Louis, it’s the middle of the night!” Simon grumbled. “It’s Harry” Louis said almost breathless “He’s.. up the tree house” Louis tried to catch his breath “He’s very ill..” Louis didn’t get to say more before Simon was on the way down the stairs with Louis right behind him. They were up in the tree house during no time, to see a passed out Harry lying on the mattress. “Oh shit!” Simon said to himself and kneeled down next to Harry, trying to wake him up. It didn’t work, he was all unconscious. Louis watched as Simon pulled up his phone calling an ambulance. “You stay with him!” Simon commanded as he crawled down the rope ladder. Louis nodded and sat down next to Harry holding his hand is his. Tears came to his eyes and not long after her could hear sirens from an ambulance coming closer. Short after he could also see the blue lights down the driveway. He heard some voices and suddenly two men were up the tree house with them. One of them went over to Louis and Harry. He carried up Harry and held him in his arms. Harry still didn’t wake up, not even when they carried him down the ladder and laid him on a stretcher and carried him up the ambulance. Louis stood helplessly on the front looking at the ambulance men doing their work. They were just about to close the doors to the ambulance when one of them looked a Louis who stood with tears in his eyes and asked if he wanted to stay by Harrys side on the way to the hospital. Louis looked up a Simon who stood by his side. Simon nodded short at him and Louis went over to step into the ambulance. “I’ll see you at the hospital” Simon said before the doors were closed behind him and Louis was sitting on a bench next to Harry watching the one ambulance man putting on an oxygen mask on Harrys mouth. So many things went through Louis’ head. He tried to control his thoughts, but the tears wouldn’t stop streaming down his cheeks. Everything happened so fast and Louis didn’t get to perceive anything, before they were at the hospital. The ambulance stopped and the two men carried Harry out of the ambulance and hurried through the door to the hospital with Louis right behind them. They went down a long hall before they turned left and went through a door, where one of the ambulance men stopped Louis and said he had to wait outside the room. Louis started to cry again. He wanted to be by Harrys side. He was so nervous and thoughts started to come to his mind again. Frightening thoughts. He sat down in a chair and hided his face in his hands. Suddenly Simon came running from down the hall. “Have you heard anything?” He asked exhausted. Louis looked up with red eyes, caused the crying, and shook his head. Simon sat down beside him and laid his arm around Louis, pulling him in to comfort him. A nurse went out of the door. “Is he gonna be alright?” Simon asked before she went down the hall. She nodded slowly,. “It’s just a bad case of pneumonia and he had caught a cold at the same time. Nothing to worry about, he’ll be fine soon, but we have to keep him over the night” She said and smiled. “Is there any time soon we can get to see him?” Simon asked. “We’ll have to take the last samples and checks, then you can see him” She said and smiled again. Simon nodded with a smile. She turned around and hurried down the hall.
Louis was fallen half asleep, when suddenly he felt Simon pushing him gently while saying his name. “Louis. Louis you can get to see Harry” Louis’ eyes shot wide open and he looked up at Simon who smiled at him. Louis looked around a little confused. It was early in the morning and the sun has just rised. He forgot he was at a hospital for a moment, but then stood up gently and walked over to the door to the room Harry was at. He looked back at Simon who nodded and afterwards went over to talk with one of the nurses. Louis took a deep breath and looked at the door, before he opened it and stepped in. He was met by an exhausted Harry who lay in the hospital bed, wrapped in an oxygen hose. Harry looked at him with an exhausted smile and even though he was completely worn out, Louis could see his eyes lighted up. Tears again came to Louis’ eyes, and he went over to Harry and hugged him gently but tightly. Harry returned the hug. “Don’t ever make me that nervous again” Louis sniffled. “I won’t” Harry said low and kissed him on his forehead. Louis sniffled once more.
Louis took the chair from behind him and pulled it over to the bed. He sat down and rested his head on Harrys lap. Harry started to let his hand run through Louis’ hair and it didn’t went long before Louis fell asleep.

Later that day, up the afternoon, they decided to go for a little walk around the hospital. “Did I ever ask if you enjoyed t?” Harry asked suddenly. Louis looked a bit confused at him, but then realized what he was talking about. He smiled bright. “You were an amazing first time Haz” He said with a grin and looked at Harry, who smiled back at him. They went down to get something to eat. They sat down in the cafeteria and chatted, when Louis looked around and got eye on a very familiar woman. “Mom?” he said with a wondering and confused voice. The woman turned her head and got eye on Louis. Her eyes went bright and she took her hand to her mouth. She went in their direction and looked wondering at Louis. “It is you” she said and embraced Louis. He didn’t return the hug. “I’ve been so worried about you, when you didn’t replied the letter, you did receive it, didn’t you?” A thousand questions came out of her mouth and Louis interrupted her by telling he was fine. “What are you doing here?” Louis asked in wonder. “I’m here to visit a friend, but what are you doing here? Are you hurt? Have you become sick?” She continued with the questions with a worried tone. “No, I’m fine. I’m here with Harry” Louis said. She looked short over at Harry “Oh” She said short and looked back at Louis. “Well, I’m glad you’re fine, and by the way, there’s someone you have to meet” She said with eager and looked up. “James” She yelled and a stranger to Louis looked over at them and walked in their direction. “He’s my new boyfriend” She said excited. Louis looked wondering from him back to her and then over at Harry, who just sat and viewed the happening from the sideline. The man came over to them. “Louis, this is James” His mother introduced him. “Hi” Louis said and nodded at the man. “Oh, so you are the little vandal who ran away from home” The man said with a smile that made Louis unsure if he was joking or serious. He reached out to shake Louis’ hand. His mother just smiled. “I guess I am” Louis said a bit unsure and shook the man’s hand. “And you must be the source of all this” he said and turned over to Harry, who looked up in surprise and looked at the man who also wanted to shake his hand. Also Harry was unsure if the man making fun of it in a sarcastic way, so he just smiled and reached out to shake his hand. “Can I talk with you under four eyes for a minute” James said and turned to Louis’ mom. “Sure honey” she said and walked a few meters away with James. “Do you think he’s serious or making a joke out of this?” Louis leaned over the table and whispered to Harry. Harry shrugged his shoulders and looked over at them two. “I’m not sure, but he looks quite serious” Harry said and nodded in the direction of them. Louis turned his head and looked in their direction. His mom looked very confused and sad, while James looked serious. “This doesn’t bode well” Louis said and back around again. A little after his mother came back and she looked very unsure. “Louis, can I talk with you alone fast?” She asked and looked down. “Uhm sure” Louis answered and looked back at Harry, before he stood up and followed his mom. They went over to James and his mother went to stand next to Louis. “The case is that, Louis” she said without looking at him, she only looked down the ground “we want you to come living with us” she said, breathed out and looked up at him. Louis looked confused and annoyed at her. “But I don’t won’t to.. I’m happy where I am and you promised me I cou..” “That’s not a decision for you to take!” James interrupted him with a strict tone. Louis looked at him with anger in his eyes. “Neither are you!” Louis yelled at him. Louis looked at his mom for some kind of support, but she just looked down the ground. “Look boy” James started “I don’t want my son to hang around, with thieves and being homosexual, that’s not the way your mother raise yo..” “You’re not my dad!” Louis shouted at him and stepped back making people look at them. “Louis please” his mother looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “No!” Louis shouted “I’m not moving back, and you can’t force me!” Louis said and was about to step back, when James grabbed his arm. “We’ll see” He said and was about to pull Louis with him, when suddenly Simon appeared. “What is going on here?” He said loud with a wonder in his voice. “I’m taking what is legitimately mine” James said and tightened his grip around Louis arm. “I’m not a fucking thing” Louis shouted and tried to get free. “Shut up” James whispered in Louis’ ear. “Who are you?” Simon asked. “I’m Louis’ dad” James replied. “No you’re not” Louis yelled at him and twisted his arm trying to get it free. James tightened his grip even more, and Louis lamented in pain. “Let go of him” Simon commanded. “And who are you to take that decision?” James asked annoyed. “I’m his legal guardian, he lives with me” Simon said “and now, let go of him” Simon said with a raised voice. James looked at Simon with anger in his eyes, before he let go of Louis and was about to walk out of the hospital. “We’ll see” James said with a dark voice, turned around, grabbed Louis’ mom’s hand and pulled her with him out of the hospital.
Harry ran to Louis and embraced him. Louis still looked after them, confused, when he returned Harrys hug. “Looks like we’ve got a new problem to look out for” Simon said worried. 

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